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CallRail To Offer Free Trial to Small Business Owners Suffering Due to COVID-19

by Chanel Lee

Atlanta-based call analytics platform CallRail has announced plans to offer a two-month free trial to all new customers. The company implemented the plan to relieve many of the economic burdens that small businesses have faced due to the COVID-19 crisis.

“We’ve been up to our ears in customer feedback,” says CallRail director of product and customer marketing Madelyn Wing. “A lot of our small business customers have been deeply impacted and they’ve been reaching out and saying things like, ‘My state’s under a stay-at-home order, I can’t operate my business anymore.’”

“We provide such a crucial service by helping small businesses communicate with their customers,” Wing adds. “At a time like now, we felt like we had to step in and do something.”

To respond to these challenges, CallRail’s trial will also allow customers that also take advantage of Google Ads’ new credit program to maximize the value of their ad campaigns and ultimately help them figure out the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

“[Small businesses] can keep putting out ads to communicate with their customer base about what they offer, and CallRail will help small businesses maximize their ad credits and tight budgets by proving which efforts are driving valuable leads,” says Wing.

In addition to providing holistic data that proves the success of certain marketing channels, the company also plans to extend a two-month free trial of its Conversation Intelligence and Forms products to current customers who have yet to try them.

“We’re going to be able to tell customers, ‘You used this amount of your Google Ad credits, you received this many phone calls and this many people completed a form on your website,’” says Wing. Once customers know that information, she adds, “they’re actually able to do what is most cost-effective for their businesses.”

As the crisis continues to wreak havoc, CallRail is considering plans to extend the free trial as small businesses continue to struggle. “We’re certainly playing things day by day around here,” says Wing. “[We considered] rolling out special pricing and [decided to] offer something free for our customers as well. We’ve changed our minds, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we changed them again in the future.”


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