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6 Reasons You Should Consider Allowing An Office Dog

by Jasmyne Moody

For dog lovers everywhere, there’s almost nothing better than walking into the workplace and seeing a furry, wagging tail that’s happy to see you too. Between responding to perpetually-incoming emails, never-ending meetings, and stark gray cubicles, office life can become a bit humdrum.

Just as a newly on-boarded employee can serve as a breath of fresh air in the office, a dog can bring a pleasant change and influence permanently good vibes. More and more studies show the benefits of dogs in the workplace — from less stress and better work relationships to improved productivity. 

Get ready to play fetch! We’ve compiled a list of some of the benefits of bringing a dog into the workplace.

General Morale Booster

An office dog will brighten the general mood of the office. The perks, including short breaks from desks, the little guy’s “always happy to see you” demeanor, and conversation boost will also increase productivity among employees, with their mood and energy staying high throughout the day. All of the benefits of having a dog at home can translate to the workspace, and the friendlier the pup, the better!

Employees get off their butts

Having an office job can sometimes be a gateway to a sedentary lifestyle. When an employee brings a dog into the office, they have to take it out every now and then. Taking a walk gives you an energy boost and can improve your day overall. It reduces stress levels, and encourages camaraderie if you can convince a coworker or two to come with you.

Conversation Starters

Petting a dog is hard to resist. That’s why you’re likely to speak to the coworker you barely know if they bring a dog to the office. New collaborations can be sparked, fostering new office friendships and common interests in coworkers — and better team collaboration down the line!

Adds time flexibility

When you know that your dog has been home alone all day, you rush to get home. We want to make sure that our dogs are okay, and are willing to cut off a work assignment right at 5 to take them out. Bringing your dog to the office prevents this from happening, as you can take your dog out and come right back to work! No more hurriedly turning in a rushed assignment or worrying if your dog walker was able to get in the house.

Stress relief

A study conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University has shown that animals reduce activity in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, which is part of our stress response system. When you’re beginning to feel the wear and tear of the workday or looming deadlines, pet a dog! It will literally make you feel better. Even better if said dog is just 50 feet from your work desk.

office dog

Doggos benefit too!

A dog with plenty of friends is a happy one. You probably can’t spend all day entertaining your pup, even though you both would love to! But with your best friend with you at work, they’ll never have to suffer from loneliness or the all-too-common separation anxiety. Even when you can’t play, there’s likely a coworker who would love a quick distraction or be willing to commit to a game of tug or fetch. 

Thanks to Gather for providing us with these cute images of their office pups!

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