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Ballpark By the Numbers: SunTrust Park’s Mobility Data

by Holly Beilin

On Opening Weekend at SunTrust Park, more than 120,000 visited the stadium and its adjoining mixed-use development, The Battery. One would think that this onslaught of people would affect cell phone service or speed while enjoying the restaurants, entertainment, and games. However, this wasn’t a problem for Braves fans. Thanks to the communications infrastructure powered by Comcast (which also calls The Battery its Southeastern home), SunTrust has the fastest internet speed of any stadium in the country.

Being massive data nerds, Hype took a look at data provided by Comcast to see what exactly was going on at SunTrust Park during that one weekend. The numbers don’t lie — even when heading out to the ballpark, fans are not forgetting their phones!

  • Devices Connected: 21,129
  • Sessions: 61,000+
  • Data Consumed: 8.5 terabytes
  • Peak Number of Concurrent Users: Approximately 8,000
  • Increase in app usage: 300+ percent through the first seven games, when compared to the first six games of 2016

Braves fans consumed nearly 3.4 terabytes on Opening Night alone. Compare that to the 1.4 terabytes of data used by Chicago Cubs fans on Opening Night when the World Series banner was raised (according to AT&T). Yes, that’s more than twice as much!

Braves fans also used 20 percent more data at SunTrust Park than the average attendee at Super Bowl 51.


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