Battle Of The Coding Schools

Coding schools have been popping up around Atlanta almost as fast at the highrises. Their courses are a huge time and financial commitment and choosing which institution is right for you can be tough. Hypepotamus is about to make it easier.

For the first time Atlanta’s coding schools will all be under one roof. Compare, choose what’s best for you, and put your career on a new course.

On July 22nd we are hosting Battle of the Coding Schools at Polygon. We considered jello wrestling, dance offs, and robot battles – but a panel and a school fair seem to make the most sense. TJ Muehleman of Standard Code and Trish Whitlock of Hypepotamus will sit down with Tech Talent South, The Iron Yard, General Assembly, Coder Manual, Lamp Camp & DigitalCrafts to discuss price, class offerings, class size, experience level of teachers, and supporting students after class. We will also discuss online vs. in-person classes, the best ways to choose and prepare for a program, and what to expect post graduation. After the panel you can meet with each school and ask questions during the school fair.

There will be free beer and pizza thanks to TriNet & Standard Code – two companies that see the value in building a stellar base of tech talent to power Atlanta’s thriving startup world. A big thanks to them both!  


Tech Talent South 
Richard Simms is a Cofounder of Tech Talent South. With six locations throughout the South and rated as one of the best coding bootcamps in the world, Tech Talent South focuses on teaching people how to “code” and empowering them with the skills needed to drive innovation. Prior to launching Tech Talent South, Richard worked with early/mid-stage venture-backed tech startups in Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Prior to DigitalCrafts, Max McChesney worked for two Atlanta tech startups in a non-programming role before living abroad in Argentina for a year, where he taught English and ran a small web marketing and SEO service (and skied).  Upon his return to the states, Max joined forces with a real estate group specializing in acquisitions, but after quickly realizing this was not his passion he left to attend a local coding bootcamp.  He has been running with DigitalCrafts ever since.

General Assembly 
Peter Franconi manages the growth of General Assembly’s Atlanta campus, the eleventh of fourteen worldwide, located in the historic Ponce City Market building. The six-classroom industrial space is home base for three full-time courses and ten part-time courses in web and mobile development, user experience and visual design, product management, digital marketing, and data science and analytics. Peter pulls from his startup experience running operations at BrightWhistle here in Atlanta and as part of the original founding team at Tasting Table in NYC.

Coder Manual 
Rob Dey is a full-stack web developer and the founder of Coder Manual, where he teaches people how to code online. Before launching Coder Manual, Rob developed web applications for Coca-Cola, Newell Rubbermaid, Toyota, Bennigan’s, and Getaround. Rob is an avid musician and a co-founder of DJ Courses Online.

The Iron Yard 
Sarah Lodato is the Campus Director of the Iron Yard. Her love for all-things-Atlanta has driven her deep involvement with the crafter and maker communities, a sense of “togetherness” she’s excited to bring to the Iron Yard. She’s keen on styling and graphic design, always keeping her feet on both sides of the fence when it comes to creative and technical abilities.Her passion for education will be a driving force in new markets, and she’s excited to grow the organization’s impactful and welcoming community.

Lamp Camp
Jay Solomon has years of experience in ecommerce, building and developing brands, systems and products, and is the co-creator and owner of the Cresca Group, which sponsors LAMP Camp. LAMP Camp is a fully sponsored (i.e. free), cutting-edge developer education program in the Atlanta area that turns coders into developers through real-world experience building enterprise applications with PHP, MySQL, Javascript and more. For 12 weeks, LAMP Camp developers learn to collaborate in the Cresca Group’s Agile IT shop.

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