Bama-based Angel Investors Take AIM at Atlanta Startups

Alabama-based Angel Investor Management Group (AIM Group) is the largest angel investor network in the Southeast. Led by Jim Corman and Clay Corman, AIM takes multiple groups of angels and combines them into one investing entity. The founders (and local startups) say AIM is extremely “member-centric & entrepreneur friendly,” so we recently chatted with Jim & Clay to make sure you had the inside scoop on this group.

The Head Honchos
Jim Corman is a successful serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and a professor of entrepreneurship at Auburn University. He has raised over 20 rounds himself and has “extreme empathy for entrepreneurs,” he says. He fell in love with the idea of an angel network as it’s, “a superior model to going it alone.”

When not running AIM, Clay Corman currently serves as the Executive Director of the Auburn Angel Network, a 40-member network. Prior to his recent roles running two investor groups, Clay worked in finance and also founded and ran Moxii, an e-commerce site for dorm room furnishing.

The Atlanta Connection 
AIM Group was founded in 2012 and has taken over city by city since then. Their first two deals were Atlanta companies and they’ve worked closely with the Atlanta Technology Angels. By 2014, they had completed 10 transactions, investing about $5 million dollars. They now have over 220 active members over 6 chapters. In 2012, they invested in Atlanta-based TripLingo, CollectorDash, and Verdeeco.

Since then, AIM Group has invested in these companies based out of Georgia’s capital:

Kahua (software) – Kahua is a business to business cloud-based platform that enables end-to-end business processes and collaborative exchange of data, workflows, documents and the creation of applications primarily for the construction industry.

Predikto (software, analytics) –  Predikto solutions harness the power of Predictive Analytics to address operational challenges in asset intensive industries like Manufacturing & Transportation.

Vehcon (software, mobile) – Vehcon captures and reports accurate and authenticated odometer data, along with location and other data, that is highly valued by Vehcon customers such as auto insurance and vehicle repair, parts, and services companies. These large companies offer consumers significant discounts and offers (e.g. on auto insurance, repairs, roadside services, etc.) as an incentive to use Odo-Foto for reporting mileage

Preparis (software, risk management) – The Preparis on-demand enterprise preparedness suite helps you get more value out of your risk management and business continuity program. Preparis helps enterprises be prepared for cyber attacks, terrorists attacks, workplace violence, weather-related challenges that may jeopardize business continuity.

MemberSuite (enterprise software) – MemberSuite has developed a software platform that allows associations and nonprofits to manage their back office processes and allows their members online access to manage their relationship via an online portal.

Although they’re based in Alabama, AIM Group does more deals in Georgia than their home state. If you’re a startup in need of angel investment, know that these guys are entrepreneur friendly and they move quickly. It doesn’t take long to get in front of them and their entire network. Connect with AIM Group here.

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