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Awkward Photo Caption Contest Winners

by Scott Henderson

We take a lot of photographs at our events and around town. That means we get a solid number of excellent photos, large number of okay photos, and some hilarious awkward photos.

Instead of just publishing the awkward photos, we decided to invite you to join in on the fun. Earlier this week, we posted three of our most awkward photos on Facebook and asked you to submit your captions for each. You delivered the funny many times over.

While it was hard to choose just one winner for each photo, we did – mainly because we promised a Hypepotamus t-shirt to the person who submitted the best one for each. After much debate, we have picked the top captions for each.

Most Awkward Photo #1:


Funniest Caption Winner:
“As he dined on his first intern of the day, he set his eye on his next prey.”
Tim Dorr, @timdorr


Most Awkward Photo #2:


Funniest Caption Winner:
“If I understand correctly, the Hyperloop will run right through your ear like this.”
Brett Rakestraw (@iambrakes)


Most Awkward Photo #3:


Funniest Caption:
“Welcome to the gun show.”
Matt Anthony, (@manormanthony)

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