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New Atlanta Co is a Global Finalist of Startup Weekend

by Tricia Whitlock

25,000 people in 83 countries participated in Startup Weekend’s Global Startup Battle and Atlanta’s Attendalytics is one of the 12 global finalists.

Attendalytics was selected for the top spot in the US South/Central region after their public voting rank was combined with scores given by regional judges. As a Champions Track finalist, they are now competing at the global level and will be scored by a panel of expert judges. These scores will determine their final ranking and will be released later this week. Check out the top 12 global finalists.

Attendalytics offers analytics for trade shows and conferences by combining location data with anonymized demographics to provide actionable insights to event organizers. Attendalytics is the brainchild of Lance Gleason (@lgleasain), who took his idea to Atlanta’s Startup Weekend (Nov 21st – 23rd at Coke) and joined forces with a talented team to create a proof of concept. To learn more check out the video below made by Dan Settembrini (@motiondan), visit them at www.attendalytics.co, and follow them on Twitter (@attendalytics). If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the concept, please contact lance@attendalytics.co.

The team is excited to represent Atlanta in the Global Startup Battle and would like to thank the ATLSW organizers as well as the Atlanta tech community for their votes and support. – Lance Gleason

We are ecstatic to represent our fine city of Atlanta in the Global Startup Battle. We could not have done this without votes from amazing people in the Atlanta tech community. THANK YOU! A big thanks to Hypepotamus and StephenVlog for help rallying votes. Thanks to the ATLSW organizers (Shane Reiser, Jennifer Bonnett , Carie Davis), and of course mad props to MotionDan for making our video! – Nathan Settembrini (SW Team Member)

More on the company from the horse’s mouth: Conference organizers want to create a great experience for attendees. In order to do that, they need exhibitors with engaging displays, speakers who can draw a crowd, and workshops on topics that people care about. They also need a venue with the right ambiance, memorable vendors, and a budget bolstered by prominent sponsors. Yet, with all these variables to control and mobs of people milling about, how can conference planners accurately assess what works, and what doesn’t? We interviewed experienced conference organizers and found that most of their decisions are based on instinct or anecdote, relying on feeling, not fact. But they want real data!

Introducing Attendalytics. Think Google(ish) Analytics for conference attendees; a way to gain insights from movement data gathered from Bluetooth beacons (embedded in conference badges) that transmit anonymized demographics to an array of sensors throughout the venue. The Attendalytics solution provides tangible benefits to the entire conference ecosystem. Motion data insights provided by our reporting package can help improve the overall conference experience, increase sponsorship, and grow revenue for conferences. In the 14 billion dollar U.S. conference market, there are over 60,000 large conferences per year. If we just scratch the surface in the U.S. we can be profitable in a year! We are already in talks with several conferences and will be rolling out pilots in early 2015.

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