Industry Influentials Launch the Atlanta Tech Leaders

Three heavy hitters within Atlanta’s technology sphere have created Atlanta Tech Leaders (ATL), the city’s first private forum for industry influencers. Matthew May of, Grant Stephens of TriNet, and Christian Devlin of CBRE are the masterful men behind the movement. Their vision is to foster relationships, share impactful ideas, and gather CEOs and founders together to make meaningful connections.

The Advisory Board includes Kathryn Petralia, Jason Rubottom, Jewel Burks, Brian Dally, Andrew McConnell and Derek Harp.

“I’m thrilled to be part of Atlanta Tech Leaders,” said Petralia, co-founder and head of operations at Kabbage. “Atlanta is an incredible technology hub and this group will raise Atlanta’s profile not only in the Southeast but across the country. My hope is that we can use ATL Tech Leaders as a forum to not only foster great communication and collaboration between our companies but also, by sharing our insight and resources, to encourage the growth and development of more startups and tech companies in the Atlanta area.”

Rubottom, CEO of Ally Commerce also chimed in to state, “As a CEO, you’re always thinking about how to tackle new situations for your company, but also, how you build friendships with people you can relate to and learn from. Atlanta Tech Leaders fosters the ideal environment for that to happen and I think Atlanta has been waiting for something like this.”

While the ATL may seem like a nod to exclusivity, its mission is rooted in making intent connections. Members will work together to help strengthen both relationships and ventures in Atlanta. Here, its three founders give details on how the ATL will help augment the city’s tech scene.

Why did you decide to team up to create the ATL Tech Leaders event and how is this impacting Atlanta’s entrepreneurial ecosystem?

Grant had observed a similar concept to ATL Tech Leaders in the New York market, known as Scotch & Cigars, which is having a meaningful impact on that community. Christian had witnessed similar concepts like this thrive in San Francisco/Silicon Valley. None of us saw anything like what we envisioned and had seen in other premier tech markets happening here in Atlanta. Coming together as community partners to share ideas and best practices, and to combine our networks and resources, gives this group the support and connectivity it needs to get off of the ground quickly and have a lasting place in the Atlanta tech ecosystem.

What is the end-game or long-term vision?

To encourage intentional and serendipitous interactions among tech CEOs/founders across various tech sectors and growth stages. Ultimately, the purpose of this group is to foster meaningful relationships among the leaders of Atlanta’s fastest growing and most disruptive technology companies. The long-term impact of these relationships and ATL Tech Leader’s place in fostering them will be what happens as a result outside of the group, just as much or more as what occurs within it.

To ensure that we are on the right track and maximize the potential of this group to fulfill its purpose, we have also formed an Advisory Board comprised of six incredible tech company founders/CEOs.

Why is this type of event important?

CEOs/founders are extremely busy and frequently express the need to do more peer-to-peer networking in environments containing very few, if any, service providers. Being a tech founder/CEO can be a lonely journey, and private environments like these not only encourage social connectedness within the tech leadership community, but encourage these leaders to openly discuss challenges that they are facing and learn from each other, not just by sharing knowledge and experiences, but via their networks.

Why launch ATL Tech Leaders now?

Atlanta’s tech ecosystem is larger and faster growing than many realize. While there are some good community organizations in place, from conversations we’ve had with tech CEO’s/Founders, it’s become clear that the tech leadership community is becoming underserved in this area.

Atlanta Tech Leaders is a private gathering held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 6:00-8:00 p.m. (locations will vary). Interested parties are encouraged to inquire through the linked site. 

Image Credit: Kiki Roeder