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Atlanta Writers Hoping Kickstarter Can Make “Dream” Come True

by Carey Tucker

Dreams are an integral part of the human experience. Some mornings, we wake up and dwell on their significance, while most times we can’t even remember what happened. If you were to ask Russell Wilson, he’d tell you in an overeager voice, “Dreams are made true.” But, honestly, I wouldn’t want to make last night’s chat with my dog over a plate of haggis a reality. What if we don’t actually have control over our dreams? No, I’m not talking about Leo DiCaprio sabotaging our minds while we snooze. But instead, what if a group of 20-somethings wrote them for us? “Dream Writers” is a sitcom created by four Atlanta residents based on this very premise. The creators are currently raising funds on Kickstarter, which ends on Saturday, March 7th . We recently caught up with the show’s creators to learn more.

Founded by Atlanta residents Nathan Bach (Show Creator & Executive Producer) and Dalton Lilley (Actor & Executive Producer), “Dream Writers” began as a web pilot in January of 2013. Fast forward to today, it has evolved into a TV show. To make their concept a reality, Bach and Lilley need $100,000 to cover production costs. Having already raised $25,000 in private funding, their goal is to crowdfund $75,000 and have a completed pilot by June 1st. “Even though we have private investors, and others willing to back the project, we’re putting our faith in the strength of our community. We’re set on creating Atlanta’s first ever built in Atlanta, by Atlanta television show,” says Lilley.

If you watched their video on Kickstarter, it’s obvious that Bach, Lilley, and colleagues Ben Owen and Shea Castle are funny guys and their sitcom will take on that same spirit. But all jokes aside, “This is an opportunity for us to write our own dream. To create a job out of our passion and in turn create opportunities for others as well,” explains Bach. According to Lilley, “The Atlanta area is rapidly growing into a major production hub, but key personnel (talent and crew) are still sourced out of out of Los Angeles and New York. We’re casting here, hiring here, filming here, editing here, and producing here. Regardless of the successfulness of the project, we will continue that here in Atlanta.”

How does tech play a role in this project? Lilley is adamant that advances in technology have made this project feasible. “With changes in technology, and a major shift in how content is distributed, the entertainment industry has never been more accessible to creators,” he says. “Not only have advancements in equipment afforded projects a more level playing field, but the development surge in multimedia tools has created an opportunity for independent productions to execute a marketing strategy that rivals high-resource competitors.”

At the time of publishing this article, they have raised $25,767, so if you’d like to help them reach their goal, head over to their Kickstarter page and donate today. Also, if you’ve ever wondered what a budget breakdown of producing a TV show is like, check out this infographic provided by the Dream Writers.

Budget Breakdown

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