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Atlanta-based health tech startup Loyal raises $12.5 million Series A to personalize healthcare

by Maija Ehlinger

Atlanta-based health tech company Loyal, known for improving how hospitals engage with patients through AI-powered tools, announced it has secured $12.5 million in Series A funding.

The round was led by the healthcare-focused firm Concord Health Partners.

Hypepotamus talked with Loyal’s CEO Chad Mallory back in 2018 to learn more about how Loyal sees chatbots as a crucial part of patient care. Since then, the healthcare system has changed drastically and the need for patient-facing solutions has only grown, particularly in the wake of COVID.

“We are continuing to focus on access solutions, including chatbot, provider search, and scheduling. Since the pandemic began we’ve seen faster adoption by health systems of digital front door technologies, which is our expertise,” Loyal’s President Brian Gresh told Hypepotamus.

Loyal’s technology has been implemented in over 30 hospital systems including Northwestern Medicine and UCLA Health. One of their key products, Guide, is a HIPAA-compliant digital assistant that helps patients connect with various parts of the healthcare system.

Loyal has become even more important as individuals and hospitals alike navigate new COVID standards.

In June the company shared that over 20 hospitals had already started to use Guide to help asset COVID risks and triage some patients from a distance.

“With the COVID-19 risk assessment tool, we’re able to help direct patients in need to appropriate care and keep healthy patients at home where they are safe. Loyal’s Guide also assists in triaging patients and connecting them with care options such as Telehealth,” said Richard Rinaudot, Digital Marketing Director at Maryland’s Adventist HealthCare, in a statement released by Loyal.  “Additionally, launching Guide on our website has allowed us to answer patients’ questions directly, as well as gather valuable feedback about their needs and concerns.”

The new funding round, according to Loyal, will be used to hire new talent and add resources to continue to improve patient care.

“From the start, the Loyal team has believed in the power of the healthcare consumer experience and its role in creating healthier communities,” said Mallory. “In a tumultuous year for hospitals and health systems, we are seeing firsthand how those that remain committed to making access to care easy are keeping their patients engaged and seeing excellent results.”

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