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Spread the News 4 Co’s & $13.5 in Funding

by Ryan Waller

The following four companies have had major success in fundraising over the past few weeks.


Soneter, LLC manufactures and provides water flow and leak sensors/meters that deliver real-time monitoring and alerts to the multifamily housing industry. The meters offers protection against water damage caused by undetected leaks. They offer their products to building owners and tenants.

  • Last week Soneter raised $6 million led by the GRA Venture Fund.
  • The company is led by founder Jeff Leaders and CFO Philippe Rieser.
  • With this funding they plan to enter the next phase of and are excited to be able to meet the needs of their customers.
  • They are also beginning a strategic partnership with Flextronics in effort to accelerate the deployment of their SMARTFlow technology.


Efreight Solutions is a multi-language, multi-currency transportation management software that provides both shippers and carriers with the technology needed to drive more efficiency and more automation to the “day in the life of” for each of our customers and their staff members.


MemberSuite is software for the modern association. They provide customizable association management software to track and manage information flow and enable associations of all sizes to deliver on every activity they need to succeed.


Bastille Networks works to completely secure the Internet of Things (IoT) on corporate campuses by identifying airborne threats and allowing for preemptive response. Through its proprietary software and sensor technology, Bastille safely and privately scans a corporation’s air space, giving security personnel visibility into every RF-emitting device on a premise. As a result, companies can accurately quantify risk and mitigate threats.


A BIG congratulations to all four companies who, combined, raised a whopping total of $13.5 million!

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