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Almost Ready to Launch | Block

by Tricia Whitlock

Everyone wants to know what events are going on around them and which ones their friends are attending. Block, launching in the next few weeks, lets you do just that. Block is a social events app that helps you find small or large events going on in your city. On Block you can create an open or private event and view events your friends have joined. Once Block gets to know what kind of events you like to attend it will send you a notification when a similar one is posted.

Never again will you not know what to do, because there is always something going on around the Block. Stay tuned- we will shoot out the link when it goes live. Check out the screen shots below in the meantime. 

Paul Johnson

I love Atlanta this is my home town.There’s a lot of opportunities for startups here.

Paul Johnson and Joe Sumpter


Funded or bootstrapped:
Have a few investors.

Price of Services:
Free to download and free for two months then it’s 99 cents to post a public event.

What Customers Get:
The chance to find, post and share events in there city or other cities.

How’d You Get The Idea For It:
Sitting at my brothers house with friends trying to find something to do on a Friday night.

Where do you gain your insights from and how do you stay on top of emerging trends:
Lots of research. But mostly feedback from friends and users. I really value their opinions.

What’s Unique About Your Company Culture:
What makes Block unique is that it allows the user to post any public event themselves, and have that event advertised in front of thousands of people for only 99 cents, you can’t beat that.

What You Need Most Right Now:



[Photo Credit: http://smartbusinessrevolution.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/rocket.jpg]

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