Six months after concert venues around the country shut down due to COVID, music lovers are still turning to Zoom and YouTube live streams to connect with their favorite artists.

Now, an Atlanta-based 3D animation studio is livening up 2020 concerts with their new app designed to bring artists into your living room. 

AR app AiRShow brings artists, like Foreign Jade, to your house.

Trick 3D has launched AiRShow, an augmented reality (AR) app designed to connect fans and musicians. Ticketed viewers can turn their house into a full, AR concert experience right from the app. 

Artists appear life size through the screen, and users can pick their own location for a more personal concert experience. 

While this is Trick 3D’s first step into music, their technology has already innovated how we view and interact with the world around us. Some of their bigger clients include Delta Air Lines, Coca-Cola, Georgia Power, and Make-A-Wish. 

In fact, Trick 3D had just finished an AR project for Delta’s Flight Museum when COVID hit. The team pivoted to building AiRShow after recognizing their background— and perhaps more importantly, their creativity — could help performing artists struggling without live venue spaces find an audience. 

“The music industry seemed like such a hard thing to participate in, because you have massive stages and big light shows,” founder Chad Eikhoff told Hypepotamus. “It’s amazing to experience, but as a business, that’s difficult to get into. For us, [COVID] gave us the opportunity to participate in something that is inherently inspirational.”

And AiRShow delivers on the inspiration, as audience members are able to watch and even join in the frame as they stream performances of up-and-coming artists.   

AiRShow’s first big event series will be with Atlanta rapper Offset and Axis Replay, a local entertainment and e-sports facility near Krog Street.

The AXR+EXP Concert will include artists like Foreign Jade, Caleb Colossus, Dreday 3.0, and many more throughout September and October.

“The AXR+EXP Concert Series will be the new standard for live and virtual performances,” said Allie Young, CEO of Axis Replay, in a statement. “Our company’s mission is to create experience-focused activations – that skillset translates well into streamed productions and partnering with TRICK 3D studios for VIP fan activations in AR.”

For Eikhoff and Trick 3D’s Head of Studio Stacy Shade, virtual reality and music intersect frequently. We’ve seen WaveXR raise upwards of $40 million from the likes of Scooter Braun and Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, and performers like Travis Scott and Marshmello have been known to perform within the popular Fortnite game. 

But Trick 3D’s augmented reality technology makes it easier for musicians and performers to connect with their fans right from their smartphones and without the need for full VR equipment. 

“We aim to keep it as artist-focused of a performance as possible. It is more the artist performing for you the way they would like to perform,” added Eikhoff. 

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