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AchieveIt Reels In New Funding to Accelerate Business Strategy Software

by Holly Beilin

Business strategy software company AchieveIt, which helps organizations streamline, drive, and measure actionable insights into their processes, has garnered a $1.7 million additional investment from BIP Capital, a current investor in the company. This follows a high-growth year where the startup broke the ranks of the Inc. 5000 list of most successful companies for the first time.

“I think the number one factor driving growth is the amazing team we have and their ability to test, win or fail fast and pivot when needed. We’ve had some great success on the product side this year, both in terms of releasing new features and in underlying architecture improvements,” says AchieveIt’s CEO Christy Johnson.

Johnson was named CEO of AchieveIt last year. Prior to that role she served on the BIP Capital investment team. In 2016, BIP Capital also led a $2.5 million funding round in the company.

Johnson says this capital will be used to accelerate AchieveIt’s product timeline. The platform has features like SmartAlerts, MultiPlan View for executives to get a high-level view of operations, and a MeetingManager feature to streamline often-lengthy meetings. The whole suite of tools aims to improve what the company calls its ‘key drivers of execution’: alignment, visibility, accountability and collaboration.

“Companies of all sizes typically use a combination of Excel, PowerPoint and email to build, monitor and report on their plans. This is a very painful and inefficient process,” says Johnson. “AchieveIt streamlines that entire process while giving realtime visibility and context of where a company is executing well and where they are off-track so they know where to focus their attention.”

The SaaS product currently addresses a number of markets including healthcare, local governments, education, and corporations.

“Seeing the product usage continue to spread throughout enterprises that are already customers is really gratifying and I’m looking forward to more of that in 2018,” says Johnson. “I’m also eager to see the vision we have for our product begin to come to life and to dramatically improve our customers’ ability to successfully execute at a total organizational level.”

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