5 Adventure Apps to Get Your Outdoor On

vestigo kayak trip

Summer is here and everyone is hoping to spend more time outdoors hiking, biking and everything in between. (I know I am!) But finding out where to go can be difficult and don’t even get us started on finding a buddy to do it all with.

Hypepotamus has put together a great arsenal of top-rated, locally-made apps for the adventurer inside of you — whether that means finding an adventure within the city limits or across the world somewhere. Lace up those sneaks and get on the road.


Connect with an outdoor expert and book a guided trip tailored for you

Avid adventure-seeker Marshall Mosher put his passion for outdoor adventures to work with Vestigo — a platform that helps experts share their passion for kayak trips, hiking, and other outdoor experiences by hosting participants and booking trips.



Find curated lists of outdoor trails, routes and more, all reviewed by local experts 

Skip those crowded trails with questionable reviews and head to the best places to spend outdoors with the input of local experts who know their stuff. Handpicked spots in 30+ cities, from coast to coast, just for you.



If there’s more than one way to get there, Faretrotter knows all about it

Need a vacay? Faretrotter can tell you how to get there by plane, train, or bus (all with one click!) so you can compare prices and stick your budget. Better yet, you can concentrate on daydreaming about mai tais, while they do their live search thing.



Find a like-minded buddy to go on adventures with (or maybe just the gym)

Don’t miss another tennis meetup or marathon. Activvely pairs you up with folks in your area that have similar outdoor interests, whether you live there, or you’re just visiting.


The Go Generation

 If you’re looking for a unique experience, Go Generation can design it for you

It’s true we all travel differently. Some prefer luxury and others prefer a relaxing approach. The Go Generation is here to tailor your vacation to you, by handpicking experiences, hotels, activities and even food. So grab your passport and go! go-generation-possibilities gogeneration