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Are you a skilled digital artisan whose medium is HTML, CSS and Javascript? Do you love building responsive page layouts from scratch? Have you ever engaged in a debate about what the appropriate use-case for the <aside> element is? Do you often go back to refactor your code, but only to change a transition from .3s ease to .35s ease-out. If so, this gig is built for you and we’d love your help.

In this role, you’ll work with our UI Design and Development teams to bring the interactive things we create for our clients to life, with smart scalable code. That is it, no other fluff or meetings where the output is to ‘circle back’.

This person will be responsible for:

  • Assisting on general day-to-day on projects across a wide array of clients that could include:Building page and component layouts (CSS) that balance pixel perfect implementation with smart, flexible responsive design patterns (because our designers can’t design every view of every screen)
  • Building interactive elements that leverage primarily native Javascript, HTML and CSS or that make use of simple lightweight open-source libraries. (dependency and framework free).
  • Creating custom WordPress theme templates and elements, and doing that in a scalable way so they are hard to break when utilized by non-technical folks.
  • Assisting in email development, email template development, email dev testing and ESP integrations.
  • Assisting in HTML5/Rich Media (standard banners, platform specific placements, gmail ads, etc…) best practices and capabilities.

This person must:

  • Be independently proficient at writing compliant HTML, CSS and Javascript. Note that we didn’t say: ‘expert’, ‘ninja’ or ’jedi’. We don’t know what those things mean, and we ignore them on resumes. ‘Independently proficient’ means you know enough to know that you probably have to go to search for answers. There are unique problems on every project, after all. This person is experienced enough to do that efficiently. Our team loves to help brainstorm solutions to those problems or to help refactor them. At least for this role, there’s not enough space/time to teach some of the more basic nuances of those core languages.
  • Have a portfolio site and/or github repo that demonstrates proficiency in at least a few of the items listed above. In other words, if you haven’t written code for email or rich media banners before, no biggie. We won’t ask you to do that.
  • Love their work! Our team is passionate about our craft(s), and we love learning from others who do. No one loves debugging some weird browser issue that’s derailing the launch of a project, but, if you literally rather be doing something professionally other than writing code, our experience is that negative energy is contagious.
  • Be a ‘proactive’ communicator. Our Project Managers love when we explain where we are at with the tasks we have been handed, if there is a problem, if a timeline needs to be shifted, or if there is a blocker. Going silent for an extended period of time only to ‘pop up’ when you have finished all or part of that task creates anxiety, and we all have enough to worry about.

This is an opportunity to be a “fractional #Vertbag” who gets to be an integrated and important part of our growing interactive practice – but maintains personal flexibility as an external freelancer. This role will be needed for as much as 20 hours per week on a very regular basis, and the opportunity to grow this into a full-time, salary + benefits role is high if that’s something that interests you. The focus here is on a highly technical, strategic partner who thinks long-term and is excited about steady & sustainable growth with a leading independent digital shop. This is a “first-floor” opportunity with a fast-growing team. If that fits you, don’t be shy!

To apply for this job please visit vertdigital.com.