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The virtual assistant for every K-12 teacher and school.

TARA Education Technologies

Founded in 2019, TARA is an education SaaS startup with the mission of putting teachers at the center of education’s tech-fueled future in a rapidly changing world.

The future is uncertain.  Economic inequality, climate change, and the continued disruptions in technology are just a few of the many challenges that will ultimately reshape our world in the 21st century.  For us to not only survive, but thrive, it is critical that we improve our education system’s ability to prepare students to be adaptive, creative, and empowered to lead us – and education systems depend on teachers.

Unfortunately, the teaching profession is in trouble.  In the US, 48 out of 50 states are reporting teacher shortages – a reality that was true even prior to the pandemic.  Worldwide, it is estimated that we will need 69 million more teachers by 2030.  More teachers are leaving the profession than are joining it.  And the #1 reason teachers are leaving is due to a lack of support.

It is estimated that the average teacher has 400-600 hours of additional work per year outside of their time at school.  92% of teachers report bringing work home.  In any other profession, this amount of extra work would typically lead to bringing in part-time support.  In education, we call that support a “teacher’s assistant” – which is exactly what we are building.

TARA is a SaaS assistant for K-12 educators and schools that streamlines the teacher workflow in order to maximize teacher talent, time, and satisfaction.  By providing auto-curated open-source resources and tools that are organized to be teacher-ready and delivered when teachers need them, TARA aims to significantly reduce the administrative burdens of teaching while improving overall efficiency and performance.

Our Core Values

  • Teachers come first…because the future of education depends on them.
  • Bolder is always better…because playing it safe never leads to breakthroughs.
  • Simplicity is the point…because the best solutions streamline chaos into flow.
  • Go the extra mile…because teachers always do.

What Working at TARA is like:

Well, right now there are only 2 of us full-time (along with a handful of contractors here/overseas), so it’s pretty intimate and high impact!  We currently work remotely, but are technically based in Atlanta with aspirations of having some sort of physical space in the next 12 months (likely co-working space or small office).

We have a live product with paying customers and a clear vision for the next 24 months that includes a significant push for growth in the next twelve.

We use Slack, try to keep video chats to ‘only when necessary’, and care about each other’s time.  If you need to hit the gym or run an errand in the middle of the day, go for it.  There is not a formal vacation/PTO limit, you can do what you need or want to do – we focus more on communicating ahead of time if you want to take multiple days or even a couple of weeks off so the team is prepared for your absence.

When we order TARA gear, we always get the super soft stuff.  We like to joke about pivoting the business into completely unrelated things (e.g. TARA Space, TARA the Restaurant, TARA the Band, etc.) – but obviously never do.  And we often dive into things we’ve never done before knowing that we can probably figure it out.  We believe in setting goals, working together on possible ways to achieve them, and then getting out of the way of whoever is owner of the project in question – until we come back together to see what the data tells us.

But most of all, we push ourselves to constantly think boldly because that is what inspires us and what education needs.  Life is too short not to swing for the fences.

The Role & Opportunity

As a web application, TARA is still in its infancy.  To date, we have been working with an amazing team of developers overseas along with local designers to go from concept to MVP to v2.0/3.0.  Now we are ready to find our internal technical leader to join our founding team.

As the Founding Engineer, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Work directly with the Founder to translate the vision for TARA into a robust and scalable product roadmap
  • Be both an individual contributor to and manager of the product development team that includes our overseas partners and local contractors
  • Our partners currently provide us with a front-end developer, back-end developer, PM, and DevOps support (when needed)
  • Oversee the implementation and improvement of data analytics and technical support tools to establish the foundation for a customer success team
  • Work directly with the Founder to grow the internal technical team
  • Additionally, as the Founding Engineer, you will play a significant role in leading the business from startup to scale alongside the Founder and future members of the leadership team

The Qualifications & Characteristics We Look For

  • Must be able/eager to build & ship product
  • You will have support from our team overseas, but we expect you to lead on the build of our next versions
  • 3-7 years of experience developing applications at enterprise scale using the front and back end technologies in our stack.
  • Code using CSS and scripting frameworks.
  • Ability to develop robust and scalable backend services defined by RESTful APIs in Python.
  • Experience with source control and continuous integration tools (We use GIT and Jenkins).
  • Technology stack currently includes:
    • Vue.js, Postgres, Django, DRF, Celery, JavaScript

Bonus points if you have experience within:

  • K-12 schools or education systems of any kind
  • If you have ever been a teacher of any kind

TARA Could be a Great Fit if you:

  • Enjoy challenging assumptions and the status quo
  • Thrive in situations with “positive tension” and where the best solution wins
  • Believe in the universality of teaching and its fundamental importance to the future of our communities and the world
  • Have ambitions to grow professionally and achieve success at great scale – while recognizing that humility and learning through failure are critical strengths required to get there.
  • Believe in an “ownership” mindset where you are confident with both responsibility and accountability
  • You are looking for something to really dive deep into


$80,000 – $100,000 annual salary

$350/mo in healthcare reimbursement

Equity options in the company

(We recently closed a pre-seed round and aim to raise a full seed round in the next 12 months)

TARA is an equal opportunity employer

TARA is committed to diversity and inclusion. We recognize the value of committed employees who feel they are being treated in an equitable and professional manner. Employment policies and decisions on employment and promotion are based on merit, qualifications, performance, and business needs and are considered without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, physical or mental disability, veteran status, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law.

To apply for this job please visit docs.google.com.