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Sr. Full-Stack Javascript Engineer


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Brining enterprise level tech to run small businesses

The Opportunity

The scale and growth of the real estate photography industry is closely aligned with movements in the housing market and has proven to be a necessary aspect of marketing property listings. Though companies who offer these services are vital to every real estate agent, these organizations lack the necessary tools and infrastructure to grow at the scale of their customers (especially with large brokerages).

The founders have worked with hundreds of small businesses across the US within the real estate photography industry and believe the market is ripe for disruption. By offering state of the art business management software, not only can we help these companies scale revenue, but believe our approach to process automation and field management can be applied to other industries and verticals as well.

As an early founding team member, you have a unique opportunity to join a project with prior market validation and committed customers who are using the product as an MVP. You would be joining a team of proven entrepreneurs who have launched multi-million dollar ARR startups with successful exits.

The Product

The hard part of running a business should not be the systems. There are systems for nearly everything, the hard part for a small business is putting them together. We are on a mission to democratize the tools. Every small business owner should have access to running and scaling their business efficiently.

The application combines field services, project management, customer care, payment processing, payouts, logistics, order taking, invoicing, accounting and more via API’s.

The Role

You would be working alongside the Chief Technology Officer, who has over 15 years of experience across numerous stacks, architectures and platforms to share. Together, you will improve the production system on a daily basis and work on numerous greenfield projects. You will likely be introduced to new concepts and methodologies that will strengthen your skill set and prepare you for the next level in your career.

The Expectations

You are comfortable and open to interfacing with customers, offering one-on-one support and gathering feedback/requirements to influence product direction.
You strive to craft clean, reliable and highly maintainable code with a focus on test driven development.
You are capable of delivering new functionality quickly and making strong architectural decisions on-the-fly.
You are available for daily stand ups and believe in committing early, often and keeping scope small and shippable.
You have worked with React, TypeScript, GraphQL in a production environment and require no ramp-up time to understand how to use the technologies.

You have backend experience with NestJS, Apollo, TypeORM, PostgreSQL in a production environment.
You have frontend experience with Tailwind CSS, React Native, Webpack.
You have cloud integration experience and preferably worked with accounting (Stripe, Xero, QuickBooks, etc) and communication (Twilio, SendGrid, etc) platforms before.

To apply for this job email your details to paul@photog.tech