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Hello all. It is Omer Bozok here.  I am looking for a technical co-founder. Here is a brief summary of what I am doing, why I am doing and where I am on this journey.

I am a geotechnical engineer with 13 years of experience. I designed and managed many large scale civil projects. However, I experienced many inefficiencies over the years as well. I resigned last year to develop a software for the civil engineering industry. I created a startup named Phoenix iO. The software is named PX iO.

I joined an incubator in Chicago called 1871. Recently, I moved to Woodstock. Here I joined the North Atlanta Venture (NAV) mentoring program. I have a group of people mentoring me and providing advise.

I have talked to many engineers from different companies. The main issue is the lack of control over the project files and design records; they are often fragmented across multiple servers, and cloud. Engineers waste valuable time trying to access project information, when needed. Therefore, the main goal of the software is to allow project teams more effectively access their project files and design records. Following are some of the main milestones. As of now, I have:
– Validated the problem,
– Built and validated the prototype. It is a clickable prototype. No code.
– Built the general architecture and verified with the technical advisor and a Microsoft Partner. Though it needs to be refined for efficiency. Overall, PX iO will be used as an interface by the users and it will integrate to Microsoft Cloud and On-prem servers. All interactions among engineers and with files will be recorded on a ledger. Software to run on a event driven architecture and to be built with event modelling/sourcing principles. Though I would be open to discuss other ways. I expect the software will run on either Azure or AWS and use MongoDB or Postgres for the event database (or something else).
– Identified some open source projects that can be leveraged for PX iO.
– Currently preparing the scope of work and writing the request for proposal to build the MVP
– In communications with civil engineering firms to build a partnership
– Actively looking for a technical co founder. Somebody, who is willing to equity sweat with me as much as possible. Having said that, I am exploring funding opportunities as well. I pitched to Shadow Ventures two weeks ago, they concentrate on construction/real estate. They said they invest in pre-revenue companies and thought I would be a good fit for them but they wouldn’t just yet invest because I don’t have a technical co-founder.

I am not looking for a CTO necessarily to just raise money, my goal is to keep as much equity in house as possible, and raise just the right amount, no more. What I am considering is to find a partner firm within the industry, build this software for them for free, let them use it at cost, and be the spokesperson. Having one firm using the software will help sell to other firms.

Let me know if any of this resonates with you, we can talk more. Overall, my goal is to build PX iO to be the standard project execution software in the industry in the next 12 years (we can discuss what this means). I have two videos explaining what I am doing and why. They together take less than 5 minutes.





To apply for this job email your details to omer@phoenixio.one