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Are you looking to be a part of the team that is solving a huge problem for one of the world’s largest industries? Do you love taking complex processes and simplifying them through the creative use of software and technology?

We are looking for someone to lead our high-impact, and high-growth engineering team with hands-on management and mentorship as well as technical involvement. This role will be responsible for the architectural design, implementation, and testing of the software application. This position will work closely with the product team to implement new features, fix bugs, maintain the application.

Your mission:
-To lead the engineering team in estimating, architecting, building, testing, shipping, maintaining, and monitoring reliable and quality products through high-growth to scale
-Mentor and monitor the performance of managers and individual contributors in both management and development best practices to maintain happy and effective teams
-Grow the dev team in an efficient way and organize/re-organize departments as the team grows
-Manage external and hybrid (internal-external offshore) teams as well as partners, vendors, and integrations
-Lead/participate in code reviews and technical meetings
-Build, maintain, and scale an efficient DevOps and QA process
-Work with the product team to understand business requirements behind roadmap items to interpret and communicate those to development teams while accurately planning, estimating, and communicating timelines and resource requirements
-Participate in continuing education and training to remain current on best practices, learn new programming languages
-Foster an agile, collaborative, and high-performance working environment while establishing clear expectations and holding teams accountable to commitments
-Establish and maintain software architecture and design standards across teams by enforcing development methodologies, processes, and policies
-Work with product and other business teams to identify problems that can be solved with creative software solutions and raise potential issues early

-Ability to articulate ideas to both technical and non-technical teams through excellent written and oral communication
-Experience or familiarity with Java, including Spring and Hibernate, MySQL, NoSQL, React, TypeScript/JavaScript
-Experience deploying, maintaining, and scaling a cloud-native infrastructure using AWS.
-Experience with REST API and Object-Oriented architecture and development practices
-Experience building, maintaining, and scaling reliable and robust infrastructure
-Strong understanding of the web development cycle & programming techniques & tools
-Manage the necessary people, process, and technology components to build an agile and scalable software development organization
-Reliable project & time management skills
-Strong problem solving, self-motivated, and able to work with little supervision. Consistently take the initiative to get things done, do things before being asked by others, or forced to by events
-10+ years experience in a professional software development environment
-Ability to articulate ideas to both technical and non-technical audiences through excellent written and oral communication skills

It will be a perfect fit if you have:
-Experience building or maintaining financial or accounting software, systems, or practices
-Have built, maintained, or monitored security and compliance efforts
-Experience with microservices and making a transition from monolith to microservice architecture

Within the first month, you will:
-Understand high-level construction billing and payment workflows
-Understand technical architecture and capabilities
-Interact with current teams to understand development and deployment processes and workflows. Do an analysis of inefficiencies and bottlenecks and propose solutions
-Do a deep dive into the code with team leads and identify any technical issuesrefactoring which need to be resolved in the near term
-Work with stakeholders to prioritize Engineering roadmap items, e.g., addressing tech debt, scaling infrastructure, to be incorporated into the overall product roadmap
-Build a plan to understand capacity and velocity in a given release timeframe and in a given sprint
-Identify goals, key metrics, and plans to achieve them

Within the first 3 months, you will:
-Take full ownership of the development team
-Coordinate with the product team and establish operating procedures
-Be able to take feature requests and create specs and timelines
-Be able to make architectural decisions with the help of the engineering team
-Drive decisions on CI/CD infrastructure and app stability monitoring
-Clearly understand capacity for a release timeframe and collaborate with the product team on resourcing and resource-leveling activities
-Implement best practices for the development team to ensure high quality operations and deliveries

Within the first 6 months, you will:
-Be able to make architectural decisions independently
-Be a proven self-starter and able to come up to speed on complex, difficult concepts with minimal assistance
-Stay up to date with the newest technologies and make decisions based on our needs whether or not to implement them

To apply for this job please visit www.flashtract.com.