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DigitalCrafts Vision

DigitalCrafts bridges the gap between today’s employers and tomorrow’s talent.

Our Story

Founded in 2015, DigitalCrafts offers full-time and part-time online bootcamps in Web Development, Cybersecurity, and UX Design.

In addition, DigitalCrafts provides enterprise services to corporate clients including educational partnerships, custom corporate training, and consulting / staffing services.

A successful entrepreneur once told our founders that “succeeding in business is simple. Do what you say you’re going to do, and treat every customer like they’re your first and last. If you say you’re going to perform a service for somebody, do it well – most people won’t.”

We believe the above state of mind, an unshakeable commitment to honesty and integrity, and the hard work of our instructors and staff is what has set us apart.

Core Values

  • Customer Obsessed
  • Listen Deeply
  • If you don’t know, learn
  • Mop the floors
  • Be inclusive
  • Speak the Truth

COR Cyber Security Teaching Assistant (full-time)
As a Teaching Assistant (TA) with DigitalCrafts, you are a key contributor to the educational experience of our students.  Though many of you are also alumni of our program, you now have a new role as well: that of an employee, and most importantly as a guide and mentor to the students in your charge. This is an in-person position on-site at City of Refuge in Atlanta, GA.

Commitment: by accepting the position of TA, it’s important that you are committing to the entire cohort for which you’ve been assigned.  For the full time Cyber Security Program, that is a 9 month commitment.

Responsibilities Include:

Daily Tasks / Upkeep:

  • Take and monitor attendance
  • Update class recording spreadsheet
  • Monitor student’s performance and report to the instructor when someone may be struggling or not participating.

If you are assigned to an in person location:

  • Push chairs under desks.
  • Wipe down desks at least once per day, and as needed for spills, etc.
  • Make sure no trash or food remains on desks.

During Lecture:

  • Actively post additional helpful information to Slack or github. Articles, newsletters, upcoming hack-a-thons, meetups, books, events, memes, etc.
  • For off-topic questions, add an item to the github project board for the cohort.
  • Pay attention to how the instructor is approaching a problem or algorithm, especially if you didn’t graduate from their cohort previously.
  • Monitor Slack for questions from students, etc.
  • If you have availability, work on one of your other assignments (more below).
  • Proactively look/ask for any students who may need help.

Office Hours:

  • TAs are expected to participate in office hours during their cohort. The TA schedule is published monthly. It’s important that you are reliable and on-time when assigned Office Hours outside of class.

Other Potential Classroom Assignments:

  • Leading morning warm-up exercises.
  • Leading “Interviews and Algorithms” on Fridays
  • Help find additional resources for classroom topics (some students prefer videos, others want additional exercises, etc.)
  • Contributions to DigitalCrafts’ Learning Portal and/or LMS.

This is designed to further our program and give you the ability to give back to all the incoming students.
Our team will work with you to make sure you are fully aware of how to complete all deliverables listed above.

Position Logistics 

  • Pay is $22/hr
  • This position is in-person
  • Must live in the Atlanta, GA area
  • No international candidates, no corp to corp or sponsorship available. Cannot hire in Massachusetts, California, New York, Washington, Alaska, Maryland, District of Columbia, and US Territories

To apply for this job please visit careered.taleo.net.