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BlueFletch is an Atlanta-based enterprise software company.

BlueFletch Marketing Manager 
Salary Range: 60,000-95,000 annual

About BlueFletch
BlueFletch is a software company focused on security management tools for shared workforce Android devices. BlueFletch is based out of Atlanta, GA with a development office in Manila and other resources based throughout the US. Over the last decade, we have helped some of the biggest companies in the world migrate their employee mobile solutions to Android. We started out as a software development company building mobile apps for enterprise, and have shifted our focus to our BlueFletch Enterprise Android security tools over the last 3 years.

We are looking to add team members who are self-starters and are looking to own their journey and help BlueFletch continue to grow into the most trusted name in Enterprise Android Security security management tools.

Marketing Manager Position Summary
We’re looking for a Marketing Manager to execute BlueFletch’s marketing strategy, including developing content and executing marketing campaigns. You’ll use your creativity and marketing prowess to generate lead gen and brand awareness through content marketing, social media engagement, PR outreach, community management, campaign creation, and website SEM/PPC optimization.

Please note that this position is full-time in BlueFletch’s Atlanta office. We would definitely consider remote candidates with the right mix of experience and skillset.

What will you be working on after you start
As our marketing manager, you will report to our Director of Marketing, additionally, you will also have close interaction with our leadership team, our sales team, and our product team.

Our expectation is that you will own and lead activities including:

  • Defining strategy around marketing campaigns including: Ideal customer mapping, customer segmentation, attribution planning.
  • Develop and curate content including top of funnel assets, blog posts, social posts, bylines, e-books, research reports/whitepapers, case studies, customer success stories, e-mail copy, and website copy
    Collaborate with the design team to create and optimize visual content, and come up with unique ways to present content
  • Continually analyze content performance and propose ways to optimize our content
    Supporting field events for conferences, local events, and partner events
  • Website content updates, leveraging Hubspot and WordPress/Elementor.
  • Working with Channel and OEM partners on joint campaigns.

Traits we are looking for in a Marketing Manager
For traits, we are looking for someone who is aligned to BlueFletch’s core values, which are Listen, Learn, Own, and Problem-solve. For the position of marketing manager, we would expect you to exhibit these traits in a manner such as:

Listen – Our experience has shown us that people who listen to understand end up creating better products in less time. Making the effort to listen to our team, our partners, and our customers will help you excel in developing marketing content.
Learn – We understand that you may not have all of the skills with out toolset/stack, but we expect you to take initiative to learn and grow those skills as quickly as you can. We also understand that the marketing landscape is constantly moving, we expect you to keep up and ahead of the curve.
Own – We are not a huge company, we want someone who is going to take ownership of their ideas and be able to execute against them.
Problem-solve – let’s face it, stuff is not going to work on the first time. We are looking for problem solvers who will take a step back and figure out how all of the pieces work together to make the right solution. Whether its CRM integrations or website layout issues, you will have to problem-solve.

Skills we are looking for in a Marketing Manager
From a skills standpoint, we are looking for someone with a professional background in digital marketing, with an emphasis on Inbound Marketing/SEM for B2B organizations. Key skills that we would expect to see in a marketing manager include:

  • Digital Content creation – Whether the Adobe Suite or a similar set of tools, you will be creating design layouts for marketing assets, and potentially video assets. Ability to write clean copy that resonates with business decision-makers within various industries
  • Campaign management – Experience around all aspects of campaign management from definition, segmentation, execution, attribution, and tuning. Proven track record of running content marketing programs with measurable results
  • Website content – A good working knowledge of WordPress would be great. We leverage WordPress with Elementor for our site, you will be constantly iterating pages and our content on our site.
    Copyrighting – For content creation we have a lot of great engineers that are not awesome at writing. We would love for you to bring your skill of writing to help extract the great content you need to help with your marketing campaigns.
  • PPC / Ads / Remarketing – We are focusing more on creating ad campaigns on Google, LinkedIn, and other channels. LinkedIn Ad experience is the most desirable of the platforms for us.
    Social marketing – We are looking to expand our presence in social channels. As a B2B company, Linkedin is our biggest channel, but we also want to include more relevancy in Twitter and Facebook.
  • CRM integration – Hubspot is our CRM. We would love for you to have experience setting up, configuring, running campaigns, and reporting out of Hubspot. If you don’t have HubSpot experience, we would look for you to pick it up quickly.
  • SEO – Experience with tools to rank and understand where we sit compared to our competition and how our content aligns to our target customers.
  • Ability to research, understand and distill complex IT topics into content that is relatable and engaging

What Can BlueFletch Offer For You?
Our employees claim that the biggest benefit to working at BlueFletch is the ability to come to your job every day and get to work with a great set of co-workers who are committed to the success of our company and its people. But, we do recognize that you have other boxes you need to check off in your Mazlovs’ hierarchy of needs… so here is a bullet list of some of the benefits we provide:

  • Healthcare Options – We provide healthcare options with Aetna and Kaiser. The majority of healthcare plans are covered by BlueFletch and we also have HSA options.
  • Vacation Policy – Our PTO policy is an unlimited policy (no worrying about accruing time or running out of sick days – If you need time off, take it!)
  • Competitive Salary – We understand that if you are underpaid you will leave us. We also recognize that if you are grossly overpaid you will feel stuck and won’t progress your career (if if you are unhappy). We strive to have market-competitive salaries.
  • Mobile Budget – As a mobile company, we want our employees to be familiar with the latest and greatest technology. You will receive a $1,000 budget every year to purchase a new mobile device (phone, tablet, computer, etc).
  • 401k match – We have a 401k match plan up to $3K per year.
  • Conferences and Learning – we are looking for people who want to learn and grow. If you have a conference you need to attend to improve your job, let us know and we will strive to get you there.
  • Adult Policy – We have what we call an adult policy… we treat everyone like an adult and expect that they will treat all of their co-workers and their careers like an adult. We are looking for people who take ownership over everything they do.

BlueFletch is an equal opportunity employer
BlueFletch is committed to diversity and inclusion. We recognize the value of committed employees who feel they are being treated in an equitable and professional manner. Employment policies and decisions on employment and promotion are based on merit, qualifications, performance, and business needs and are considered without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, physical or mental disability, veteran status, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Even if you don’t match all of the criteria we are looking for, we welcome you to submit your resume and information.

We look forward to taking a look at your application to establish the next steps.

To apply for this job email your details to info@bluefletch.com