Get To Know The CEO Who Can Make Your App Idea A Reality

CEO Nick Bugara has seen it all in his seven years in business. Or, more specifically, he’s seen every sort of app out there at the helm of Appsketiers, an Atlanta-based app development company.

Bugara has recruited an impressive (and fun…check the photo below) group of technologists over the years who have helped build over 300 apps for different clients. Along the way, he’s seen the app world transform many times over – be it the rise of Flutter and React Native or, more recently, the integration of generative AI.

Bugara took some time out from running Appsketiers to talk to us about the evolving world of mobile apps and his leadership skills needed to scale an app development agency for our latest “Get To Know The CEO” series

Catch his Q&A here: 

QUESTION: Take us back to the founding of Appsketiers. Why was it the right time to launch this type of company?

Appsketiers began its journey in 2017 with a simple realization: there were tons of people out there with brilliant app ideas but no clear path to bring them to life. After seeing how the majority of development companies mainly catered to large corporations, we decided it was time for a change. We wanted to be there for the underdogs – the dreamers and everyday folks ready to step into the world of apps but not quite sure where to start.

So, we rolled up our sleeves and crafted a unique, three-step process that’s unlike anything else in the U.S. This approach is all about taking baby steps. It’s affordable, lets you get comfortable with us, and moves at your pace. While the big names chase after the big businesses, we’re here supporting the next wave of entrepreneurs, helping them turn their app ideas into a reality.


Q: Appsketiers is such a fun name. Why was it right for your company?

Glad you like the name! “Appsketiers” comes from our unique three-tier strategy for developing apps, which is where the “tiers” part of the name kicks in. It’s a playful twist on the Three Musketeers to reflect our approach’s three fundamental steps. We aimed for a name that’s easygoing and accessible, making sure it feels welcoming to everyone. Our goal was to pick a name that’s both distinctive and enjoyable without being over-the-top.

apps team shot

Q: Here in 2024, what are the biggest trends in the app world? 

 In 2024, app trends are truly flourishing. An increasing number of apps are harnessing the power of AI to adapt to your likes and dislikes, tailoring your digital experience like never before. This means apps are getting smarter, recommending content and services that feel almost handpicked for you. AR apps are taking entertainment and practicality to new heights. Our team loves working with AR, truly amazing to see these kinds of projects come to life. Amid growing privacy worries, developers like us are stepping up their game to protect user data, making sure your personal information remains confidential and secure.


Q: What type of companies are Appsketiers’ clients? 

So, a lot of people are curious when we mention we’re an app development company. The thing is, not everyone gets that there’s a spot in this world for a B2C-focused app development team like us. And that’s what makes us stand out. We’re not chasing after big corporate clients. Instead, we’re here for the everyday person dreaming of launching their own business. We’ve rolled out over 300 apps, covering everything from dating and games to retirement calculators. So, yeah, we’ve pretty much seen it all. Hope this gives you a better idea of what we’re about.


Q: How have you seen the app world change over the course of the last 7 years in business?


Absolutely, navigating the fast-paced world of mobile app development really keeps us on our toes. When you boil it down, innovations like Flutter and React Native have been total game-changers for us. They’ve made it possible to write a single set of code that works seamlessly across iOS, Android, and other platforms. This not only simplifies our workflow but also helps us manage costs more effectively when launching new apps.

Then there’s the AI wave, which has completely transformed the scene. It’s pushing us at Appsketiers to innovate and develop apps that aren’t just smart but also provide a more personalized experience for our users.

As the CEO, it’s my role to navigate these changes, but honestly, it’s a team sport. We have an incredible team here, full of people who are not just passionate about tech but are also genuinely excited about making a difference. It’s their hard work and creativity that truly drive us forward. So while everything’s moving at breakneck speed, for us at Appsketiers, it’s all about enjoying the ride and making the most of this journey together.


Q: Has the rise of generative AI changed anything about your team and your business? 

 When I first heard about the rise of AI, I’ll admit I was concerned. It felt like the ‘big bad wolf’ was at our door, ready to shake everything up. But as we began to integrate AI into our processes, we quickly realized it was more of an ally than a threat. AI has revolutionized the way we run our company, bringing efficiency and innovative tools to the forefront. It has significantly improved the functionality of our apps, making them more intuitive and providing a personalized experience for the end-user. Reflecting on our journey, AI hasn’t just met our expectations; it has exceeded them, enhancing every aspect of our business and products. It’s been a positive force, pushing us to innovate and improve continuously.


Q: The Meet The Crew section of your website is so fun and really shows off your team’s personality. How do you think about bringing on new talent?


That page is also a personal favorite of mine on our website. The dynamic, living photos capture the unique spirit and personality of our team so well. Our recruitment philosophy centers around cultural fit first and foremost. We firmly believe that ensuring new hires mesh well with our existing team is critical. Once we’re confident of a good cultural fit, we then seek the most talented individuals from that pool.

This approach stems from a core belief that culture is the bedrock of a motivated workplace. When people genuinely enjoy being part of a team and are passionate about their work, everything else naturally falls into place. It’s about creating an environment where everyone looks forward to coming to work each day, and I believe that’s the secret to our success… or just one of them. 🙂