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Win a Chance to Eat Waffles with Alexis Ohanian

by Scott Henderson

While general tickets are sold out for next Monday’s #WTPBook + Waffles Breakfast with Alexis Ohanian, ten students will be invited to join Alexis thanks to the generosity of those who donated: Adam Harrell, Randall Kent, Luigi  Montanez, Joe Bankoff, Greg Chambers, Carl Bedingfield, Bruno Francois, Christopher Chan, James Dabbs, and Paul Judge.

Saleh Hamadeh from Kennesaw State University didn’t wait for permission and asked us for a ticket, figuring we’d be giving away student tickets. To honor Saleh’s bold move, we have granted that wish. Now, we have only nine tickets to give away.

Here’s how you can win your seat at the table:

  • Are you a current college or high school student? On the ready.
  • Are you ready to change the world? Get set.
  • Can you leave a comment down below telling us how you plan to harness the web for good? Go!
  • You must register your comment with a valid email address and include your Twitter handle in the comment.

The clock is ticking. The next nine students to leave a comment telling us how they’re going to make the world better Without Their Permission-style will be invited to next Monday’s (Nov 18) 7:30am breakfast at Hypepotamus. We’ll announce the winners as they are submitted.

(Photo: Alexis Ohanian shot by Tanya Kechichian)

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