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What the NFT: Explore The Latest Trend…The Non-Fungible Token

by Angela King

NFTs explained…finally.

If you are familiar with, or invest in, cryptocurrency, then you have heard the newly popular term, “NFT”. But what exactly is it?

Local production studio, RoleCall, will host NFT Atlanta, a 2-day in-person event, that will dive deep into the world of NFTs.

What attendees can expect

Attendees can expect to learn the very basics about NFTs, including how to make a Metamask, navigate Web3 and what mistakes to avoid.  In addition, attendees will explore the world of DAOs, music, photography, gaming, and video-based NFT communities.

The event will include a community panel where collectors, creators, and tech professional share insights and a hands-on class where attendees learn how to mint their own NFTs….yes, this event is the real deal!

NFTs are here to stay so feed your curiosity and learn about the world of NFT, February 26-27. Come early, ask questions, meet NFT experts, and prepare for classes.  Register here!

Featured image via Netzwelt.

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