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Toast Failure In Style With FUN Atlanta’s New Lineup

by Angela King

Success is never final, failure is never fatal.

FuckUp Nights Atlanta is kicking off its 2018 campaign with a bang — an awesome lineup of failure stories, a new bi-monthly format and a new location!

If you’ve been following FuckUp Nights Atlanta since the beginning, you know the deal: hear the speakers share stories of business failure, lessons learned, and answer audience questions. Oh, and of course, free beer.

In addition to a new bi-monthly format, FUN Atlanta will be moving to WeWork. Check out the space while you mingle and drink your brews!

Join the FUN, February 22! RSVP here.

Meet the Storytellers

K.P. Reddy

K.P. is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in disruptive innovation.


Sonia Sequeira

Sonia is the Community Development Manager at Flatiron City and a social good connector/social entrepreneur.


Joey Womack

Joey is the founder of Amplify 4 Good and Goodie Nation working to equalize socio-economic disparities in communities around the world.


Adam Walker

Adam is the co-founder of 48in48 and Sideways8. He’s also a co-host for the podcast Tech Talk Y’all.

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