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The Inaugural Summer Startup Academy Class: Part 3

by Michael Flanigan


Are you ready for the continuation of this epic series? Then put your hands together for Part 3 of this series as we introduce the next round of talented interns attending this year’s Summer Startup Academy.

Brandon Cummings:

  • Interning for: Kevy
  • Interested in: Storytelling (marketing/content)
  • Awesomeness I’ve created: I am on the sales and marketing side of things, so i have created spreadsheets for Market Comparisons and Potential Partner information. I am also currently making a Kevy Connector tutorial video and summarizing “The Forrester” for market analysis.


Jerome Choo:

  • Interested in: Design, entrepreneurship, storytelling (marketing/content)
  • Awesomeness I’ve created: I co-founded Startup Semester and Startup Exchange with a couple of my friends at Georgia Tech in an attempt to provide a safe space and a connection for undergrads to talk to Atlanta’s entrepreneurial community. In the mean time, I’ve also led user experience and product development at Whizzimo, a web platform that helps facilitate the interactions between reading teachers and their dyslexic (or other specially educated) student. Because bills don’t pay themselves, I am a product management intern at NCR where I lead the user experience of Convenience Go, a mobile app for accessing gas pumps, and Pulse, a mobile app for convenience store and petroleum station managers to better manage their sales and inventory data.


Shyamal Patel:

  • Interested in: Coding
  • Awesomeness I’ve created: 4th year Computer Science student at University of Florida; current developer at RoomSync; hobby Android developer; KnockOut – Android Alarm Clock; TransLoc Widget – Bus Transit Tool (work in progress- Android application + Home screen widget utilizing JSON data from TransLoc OpenAPI; Money Taxi – Mobile variant of popular TV show “Cash Cab” – Mobile application for both iOS and Android being built with a team of 7 utilizing scrum and agile development methodologies with Git version control; TXT TAG – Android application Spring 2013- Android Application made for 24 hour hackathon contest and a link to my resume.


Anna Siegel:

  • Interested in: Design
  • Awesomeness I’ve created: With a major in Motion Media Design and minor in Advertising, I have had the ability to create a variety of pieces of art. From promotional videos to multi-media campaign, I have been lucky enough to have the incredible resources to make these works come into fruition. Please take a look at my links below to get a better understanding of my “”awesomeness””! Behance and Vimeo.


Jonathan Maser

  • Interning for: An Atlanta based Human Resource Management mobile application (Launching in September)
  • Interested in: Designer, Entrepreneur
  • Awesomeness Created: I have just returned from circumnavigating the world while heavily involved with Unreasonable at Sea: While on-board a ship, I interned for 2 companies, took design thinking courses taught by George Kembel (founder of Stanford’s d.school), worked with mentors such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu and created networks that landed me in Atlanta this summer to start a company based in www.Atlantatechvillage.com.


Raven Ponder

  • Interested in: Designer, Entrepreneur, Storyteller (marketing/content)
  • Awesomeness Created: Links to the flyers I’ve done for my university’s Marketing Club 1, 2


Alex Roe

  • Interested in: Coder, Entrepreneur, Storyteller (marketing/content)


Matthew Kinnemore

  • Interested in: Entrepreneur, Storyteller (marketing/content)
  • Awesomeness Created: I’m the president of a student nonprofit organization named Ripple Effect. I wasn’t one of the founders, but I joined in really early on and help develop the organization, especially with finding funding, a mentor, an awesome developer, event planning for the stuff we do on campus. You can check out some more about Ripple Effect through our Facebook page. Besides that, I’m working to create an nonprofit named Revolution. It’s a concept for a website that is working to build a community among social entrepreneurs, and revolutionize the way people think of philanthropy. I have the vision and I’m currently am talking to people to build a development team. Currently, I’m in the process of pitching the idea to individuals. Here is my presentation. I’ve talked with a few guys at Startup Exchange, over at Georgia Tech, and they’ve given me some advice. So far, the idea’s there, but a lot about the business development strategy is missing. I really think that Summer Startup Academy will help me develop a solid plan and strengthen my pitch. Right now, my goal is to have everything in place for Revolution by my 23rd birthday, April 20th, 2014.


Paige Mitchell

  • Interested in: Entrepreneur, Storyteller (marketing/content)
  • Awesomeness Created: This is a very new blog of mine and I am still maintaining and composing the creative direction but it’s main purpose is to influence it’s visitors to want to change they’re way of thinking about the world.. in hopes that those in need will be aided, those in the dark will be brought to light, and those lost will find the path God intended.


Sam Rubenstein

  • Interning for: Rivalry
  • Interested in: Storyteller (marketing/content)
  • Awesomeness Created: I am an active student athlete at my high school maintaining a very high GPA, along with being a two sport varsity athlete in football and baseball. Along with my success on the field and in the classroom, I work as a service leader with the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Additionally, I serve as Student Body Treasurer for the high school, and was previously Treasurer of my class for two years. I have served as a leader of my class and have helped raise thousands of dollars through many fundraisers. Furthermore, I am a writer for my school newspaper, and will serve as News Editor for the upcoming year. On the side, I write for a music blog, The Rhythm Review, run out of Chicago. I also play the guitar, and I love music. Links to some writing and video work 1, 2, 3, 4



Son Tran

  • Interning for: CodeGuard
  • Interested in: Designer, Coder
  • Awesomeness Created: [Awesomeness too awesome to mention]


Mrs Jones

  • Interning for: MEA
  • Interested in: Designer, Coder


Brian Massey

  • Interested in: Entrepreneur, Storyteller (marketing/content)
  • Awesomeness Created: I have just started to work with Brett Rakestraw on tonall.com! So far we have been organizing plans for the summer to get the website more traffic and minimize the bounce rate. Here is the first blog article I wrote. I am also helping Brett with the launch of his musical instrument flash sales site – humbucket.com. Besides that I am an avid lover of music and food as well as someone who enjoys to write and discuss new ideas. I would be extremely excited to be involved with this program!


Eric Rabinowitz

  • Interested in: Designer, Coder, Entrepreneur, Storyteller (marketing/content)
  • Awesomeness Created: I have been working on my own startup at www.hipstring.me. I am trying to allow independent musicians get greater feedback on their work and to communicate with their fans and other musicians, to allow music lovers to discover great new music that no one else is finding, and to foster a new culture of music appreciation. This is still a work in progress. Online is only an MVP. I have been sharing it with SoundCloud users to get their opinions.


Alesia Ervin

  • Interning for: Hypepotamus
  • Interested in: Coder, Entrepreneur, Storyteller (marketing/content)


Karishma Patel

  • Interning for: Eclation
  • Interested in: Designer, Storyteller (marketing/content)
  • Awesomeness Created: Co-founder of a disability awareness organization at GT.  We held an event to raise disability awareness that included wheelchair basketball and other learning activities. Organized an event called Global Village to promote cultural exchange.  The event involved an interactive festival that allowed students to experience different cultures by “”visiting”” different countries, trying different food, and enjoying a petting zoo. Designed an engaging newsletter to increase local committee culture for an organization I am in called AIESEC while keeping it informative. Wrote press releases for AIESEC describing our exchange program and its influence in the Atlanta area


Taylor Bolden

  • Interested in: Coder
  • Awesomeness Created: I have created two websites while i was a freshman and junior st Spelman College. Theses websites included information about my career goals as well as interviews with people in career.

Are you overwhelmed with the influx of student awesomeness we are expecting at Summer Startup Academy? We hope not, because there is plenty where that came from. Don’t touch that dial and stay tuned for Part 4 of this series on talented interns attending Summer Startup Academy.

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