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The Inaugural Summer Startup Academy Class: Part 2

by Michael Flanigan

Ladies and gentlemen please stand to your feet as we introduce the first round of interns from this year’s summer startup academy. In no particular order of course.

Paris Rourati:


Brian Lemer:

  • Interning for: Opti-lawn
  • Interested in: Coding and entrepreneurship
  • Awesomeness I’ve created: Opti-lawn; won this competition; worked on wrist plates at this company; co-founder of this club and is currently a grad student at Georgia Tech who loves coming to all the events at Hypepotamus.


Zeheng Chen:

  • Interning for: Panasonic Automotive Systems
  • Interested in: Coding
  • Awesomeness created: Drivesocial and an amazing Twitter account


David Lobo:

  • Interning for: Hito (it’s a travel planning application)
  • Interested in: Entrepreneurship and storytelling (marketing/content)
  • Awesomeness I’ve created: I just participated in Startup Weekend Atlanta and am looking to really expand and develop the idea I pitched there.  I was able to do some customer development and pivot the idea, as well as begin to hammer down the business model.  It is going to need a lot work, sweat, and hustling, but I hope to create something that will change the way we travel.


Danoel Adeleye:

  • Interning for: General Volunteer
  • Interested in: Design
  • Awesomeness I’ve created: I have a website and is looking to deepen my knowledge furthermore get my startup off the ground. I would appreciate any vehicle or opportunity to realize this goal.


Jordan Hamlin:

  • Interning for: Gradschoolmatch
  • Interested in: Entrepreneurship and storytelling (marketing/content)
  • Awesomeness I’ve created: I regularly update our Facebook and Twitter pages with relevant information for the academic community such as research or new programs. Beyond this, I am an expert data collector. At least in terms of school websites. Any person on campus, I can generally find their position and information within one minute.


Shauvik Roy-Choudhary:


Kevin Mobolade:


Carl Fundora:

  • Interning for: TEDxAtlanta
  • Interested in: Entrepreneurship and storytelling (marketing/content)
  • Awesomeness I’ve created: I started the social media platforms for a local family-owned Italian restaurant in Alpharetta that has gained lots of exposure and helped reach a broad range of customers. In addition, I also created a blog covering the topic of “Realness.” It covers ideas varying from public art, pop culture and authenticity.


Laura Mejia-Suarez:

  • Interning for: Uvnity
  • Interested in: Design and entrepreneurship
  • Awesomeness I’ve created: Instagram: (all my own creations) 1, 2, 3


Daniel Kosmala:

  • Interning for: Radical Mentoring
  • Interested in: Entrepreneurship and storytelling (marketing/content)
  • Awesomeness I’ve created: My blog (started within the last month), my Twitter, and my LinkedIn. I did video work in college…I was not very good. I’ve got a lot of learning left to do, but I have an enormous appetite for it!


Thanh Quan:

  • Interning for: Touchbits
  • Interested in: Coding and entrepreneurship
  • Awesomeness I’ve created: Some YouTube awesomeness.


Russell Rollins:

  • Interning for: Umenta
  • Interested in: Coding and entrepreneurship
  • Awesomeness I’ve created: My GitHub is a bit sparce, with some small Arduino projects I’ve worked on and some Ruby on Rails tutorial work I’ve been doing.  Taking a full course load while working last semester really put a damper on my recreational programming.  I’m excited to learn more and do more this summer!


Hunter Clarke:

  • Interning for: Pardot
  • Interested in: Coding and entrepreneurship
  • Awesomeness I’ve created: My GitHub. Last fall I was able to interview with YCombinator with an iOS application named Infl8. This application was a way to find real-time deals from local businesses. This was built with real-time in mind and relied heavily on Node.js on the server side. This past spring me and a team partnered with NASA to build an intra-vehicular device for astronauts on the international space station. This device could be attached to any part of the astronauts body via velcro and allowed him/her to control an off body display via touch interactions. I wrote the microcontroller code as well as the code that transferred the data through the air to the computer.


Malika Whitley:

  • Interning for: ChopArt
  • Interested in: Entrepreneurship
  • Awesomeness I’ve created: I founded ChopArt in 2010 while working as a Marketing Assistant in Cape Town, South Africa during the FIFA World Cup. During my time in ZA, I partnered with the local school system to create a alternative revenue generating plan for the talent of the recording company I worked for. This “plan” was the start of ChopArt, an organization helping homeless youth express themselves through art. The program in Cape Town was a music appreciation/mentorship program for studio talent to lead during their off-tour seasons. While living in Hyderabad, India from 2011-2012 as a Social Enterprise/Business Consultant for the Affordable Private Schools sector, I ran the second term of the ChopArt program. During this run, we served youth in grades 6-10 from 30 different schools living below the international poverty level of $1.25/day. Our program model consisted of poetry, photography and business development to help provide an understanding of art as a career/business venture. In 2012, ChopArt was started in the U.S. as a non-profit organization and has worked with 57 youth in Atlanta, Georgia through a portfolio of diverse programming geared to empower and steer homeless youth towards a more confident and stable lifestyle. We continue to program in Hyderabad, India in partnership with the Awakening Foundation where we will serve 300 Indian natives by December.


Sergio Beresuita:

  • Interning for: Tech Semanal (Non-Profit) and Lucma Studios (profit)
  • Interested in: Design and entrepreneurship
  • Awesomeness I’ve created: My website, Tech Semanal, and Lucma Studios (pending). I have a strong foundation in business procedures, and would like to know more about entrepreneurship to improve when I decided to open a consulting, web development, or disruptive technology company.


Henry Guan:

  • Interning for: Soletron
  • Interested in: Entrepreneurship and storytelling (marketing/content)
  • Awesomeness I’ve created: I am a pre-med student at Emory who, just a few months back, had never even thought about entrepreneurship, working at a startup, or anything of the sort. What I do have is an idea, along with a strong ambition to learn as much as I can about the startup world. What I want, if given the chance to be a part of this wonderful opportunity, is to soak up as much as I can from these experienced Atlanta veterans, and possibly a mentor to help show me the ropes when it comes to starting my own venture. Simply put, I don’t have the awesomeness to show to you guys right now, but if I’m given this amazing opportunity I know I will be able to deliver the awesomeness in due time.


And that is just the first 3rd of the interns who are interning with local startups this summer. Crazy right? Tune in tomorrow when we tell you about some more amazing interns in the Summer Startup Academy.

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