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New Year, New Consumer Show

by Angela King

If your New Year’s resolution is to continue building Atlanta’s B2C startups, you gotta check this.

The Consumer Show, presented by Switchyards Downtown Club, is a pitch event focused on consumer startups. The Consumer Show highlights five startups, each of whom presents their business pitch for five minutes to attendees, plus five minutes of audience Q&A for each startup. Got it? Good! Check out the recap and photos from a recent show.

No excuses! RSVP here. Join the conversation on social using the hashtag (#theconsumershow).

The lineup:

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We provide quality home repair services to customers in the metro Atlanta area. We specialize in carpentry, handyman, plumbing and electrical.

Spots is a social home-sharing app exclusively for college students. It’s a fun, quick, and low-cost alternative to hotels for students who want to travel and meet new people!

We are a go-to framing service for Instagram photos. We frame your favorite moments with premium quality framing materials at a price point comparable to printing and framing the photos yourself, yet at the convenience of taking only two minutes on your phone.

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Featured image via Jason Seagle.

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