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The Consumer Show + Introducing Switchyards’ Design & Development

by Angela King

Switchyards Downtown Club is bringing you another installment of its monthly pitch event The Consumer Show, on August 3rd. It’s called “The Consumer Show” (or #theconsumershow for our Twitteratti) because it’s only for startups that build products for consumers — and that might be you! 

Cool stuff from a recent Consumer Show: a video, a recap and photos.

Five startups will each present for five minutes. Then— to foster community support— each startup will spend a few minutes on two topics: what can the community do to help their startup the most, and what successes or insights they can give back to other consumer startups.

But wait, there’s more!

This consumer show comes with a special twist. Our favorite Switchyards founders will introduce the Switchyards Design & Development Program, a program to help connect B2C founders with design and development talent and help them build a product.

Are you in? We are! RSVP here!

The presenting companies:

A personalized hair care service delivering products, services, and content for every woman’s hair journey.

Discover a new way to experience live events from the perspectives of all in attendance

Switchyards Landscape Design

Switchyards Design & Development is on a mission to help create more B2C winners in Atlanta.

The world’s only website that lets you turn your photos into a large collage on removable wallpaper!

One great B2C startup!


Feature image via Jason Seagle.

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