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Tech Talk: Learn About the Benefits Of Being An Agile Leader… and What Agile Actually Is

by Angela King

“Doing Agile is about the practices. Being Agile is about our consciousness or way of being.”  — Michael Sahota

The term “Agile” has become a buzzword at many companies. But what is the difference between doing agile and being agile, and what are the benefits of being an agile leader?

Tech in Motion Atlanta is partnering with Pivotal Labs to host a panel discussion on Doing Agile vs. Being Agile. It’s time to build on the concept that agile isn’t a noun, but rather a way of behaving and orienting a team.

Tech in Motion events are a place for tech professionals who wouldn’t normally cross paths to meet, collaborate and learn about what their peers are doing across the city.


Ben Van Glabbeek: After years of working as an engineer, Ben shifted his focus to building high-performing teams using the lessons of agility. Currently, he’s having a blast modernizing the mindset at a large, complex organization called Fiserv.

Hamish Cook: Hamish Cook lead teams of Pivotal Labs software development consultants that embed inside Fortune 50 companies, including The Boeing Company, Allstate Insurance, Ford Motor Company and The Home Depot, among others.

Danny Preston (Moderator): Danny Presten is an entrepreneurial self-starter with over 20 years of experience successfully delivering complex IT solutions in a variety of industries including web development, e-commerce, healthcare, non profit, supply chain, and legal.

Join an evening of in-depth conversation, learning and networking. Register here!

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