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Switchyards’ The Consumer Show Lineup — Plus A New Membership Option

by Angela King

Part 1: Take a tour, get the Switchyards’ vibe

Switchyards, the only space in the city solely dedicated to consumer startups, has always been focused on creating tailored opportunities for entrepreneurs. To help as many entrepreneurs as possible, the startup space recently announced its new hot desk membership option, offering office space on the basement level to entrepreneurs looking for temporary office space.

So before you hit up our favorite monthly B2C startup event, take a tour of Switchyards’ lower-level office space to see where you might make your new home.

Part 2: Stick around for the main event — The Consumer Show

Now that you’re here, hang out for Switchyards’ monthly pitch event, The Consumer Show, on September 6. The Twitteratti call it #theconsumershow because it’s only for startups that build products for consumers. Cool stuff from a recent Consumer Show: a video, a recap and photos.

Five startups will each present for five minutes. Then — to foster community support — each startup will spend a few minutes on two topics: what can the community do to help their startup the most, and what successes or insights can they give back to other consumer startups.

Exciting things happening at Switchyards — let’s get you in there. Register here!

The presenting companies:

Your one-stop shop for complete outfits at an affordable price

Go to concerts, earn daily rewards

Sniffer GPS
Sniffer GPS is a solar-powered GPS dog collar

Anytime Anywhere Laundry … locals using locals


An end-to-end, paperless technology solution for valet service operators

Featured images via Jason Seagle and Marco Hernandez


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