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Celebrate Failure in Atlanta with Some FUN

by Angela King

Sometimes life just calls for a break from a hard day’s work. Sometimes it calls for a vacation. Sometimes it calls for….oh what the hell, let’s do this!

Hundreds of people flock to these events to hear fuckupreneurs, innovators and community leaders share stories of their biggest business disasters in a bold yet candid way (leave the kids at home).

After a brief hiatus, FuckUp Nights Atlanta (FUN) is BACK and ready to fail into fall, October 20th.  At FUN, you’ll learn what to do and not do in the world of business.

To register and for more information about FuckUp Nights Atlanta, visit funatl.com.


Back with a twist

FUN is switching things up a little bit and is celebrating one of Atlanta’s best known commodities: FOOD. The Atlanta food scene is currently on fire. A good fire, not like a fire in the kitchen that burned the place down.

So what lucky restaurant gets to host the FUN crew? Madre + Mason

The recent rise to success wouldn’t have come without some epic failures, and real fires that did in fact burn the place down.  Join the FUN crew for an intimate evening full of fun, brutal honesty, lessons learned and if nothing else – some kick-ass food.

The South’s Got Somethin’ to Say, About Failure



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