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SuperNova South | Explosive Ideas, Powerful Connections

by Klaire Wesolowski

Are you ready for five days of explosive ideas and powerful connections? It’s time for SuperNova South, one of the Southeast’s largest and longest running tech conferences. Fueled by a killer agenda of top-notch content, unparalleled networking, and cross collaboration, SuperNova is where the country’s top tech minds come to learn, share & connect.

Attendees include entrepreneurs, small business owners, designers, Fortune 25, UX managers, big-box retailers, traditional and digital marketing experts, strategists, agencies, bloggers, c-suite executives, and college students from around the Southeast. SuperNova South will bring together an impressive lineup of speakers, including Dana BarrettEmily Austin from MailChimp, Jeff Hilimire of Dragon Army, Lauren Langley from TBS, KP Reddy,  and Kevin Sandlin of Atlanta Tech Blogs.

These top-notch leaders will focus on 11 tracks, giving thousands of digital trailblazers specialized, focused content across multiple industries. These tracks include Social Media, Marketing, Mobile, Health Tech, Startup, FinTech, Cyber Security, Entertainment, User Experience, Advanced Data & Analytic Intelligence, and Student.

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When & Where :
October 5 – 9
Tech Square – Atlanta, GA

The panel we’re most excited about: 
Tuesday, October 6th at 1:30PM –  Four of Atlanta’s most well-known and beloved business folks, including Chef Hugh Acheson of Empire State South, artist Kyle Brooks of Blackcattips fame, Kyle Tibbs Jones of The Bitter Southerner, and Nick Carse of King of Pops will be here to talk social media, and how (or if) you should maintain a difference between your personal or business accounts on social media.

Why SuperNova?
The five-day brain exchange features the biggest innovators in technology – giving attendees all access to best practices, industry trends and next gen breakthrough. SuperNova South provides super-charged networking with the region’s tech trailblazers and gives innovators around the Southeast an easy way to collaborate for years to come. This is the conference for the people. For five full days, attendees have access to ten content-rich tracks, evening events, keynotes, exclusive opportunities with community partners and opportunities for both structured and unstructured networking every day. Attendees can enjoy all of this southern hospitality for around $100.

This conference is bigger than any one city. We are all a part of the South and all want to see it thrive. And, it should be recognized as a region brimming over with talent, innovation and opportunity. SuperNova South wants to highlight innovations and thought leaders from each of our cities that lift us up as an entire region. So, it’s time to partner with cities and organizations all over the region that understand that all boats rise with the tide.

Check out the full schedule and get ready for an awesome time!

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