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Startup Picture Day Puts Your Best Face Forward (Fo’ Free)

by Kiki Roeder

Polar Notion, in partnership with The Whiteboard Room and Design Cue, want to take your startup to the next level – a professional level that will increase your credibility and strengthen your business relationships. How? Startup Picture Day!

Kicking off its inaugural event at Switchyards, July 28, Startup Picture Day will offer unwatermarked, high-res pictures to startups and entrepreneurs – for free! We caught up with Morgan Lopes, the man behind the mission, on why he is using his company’s resources to help emerging businesses make a great, lasting impressions.

(Psst, sign up for the forthcoming event here. Future Startup Picture Day events, including one at the Atlanta Tech Village next month, will be shared through the SPD website and Hypepotamus.)

What inspired you to start Startup Picture Day?

startuppictureday-05Our team is constantly thinking about how to help startups and emerging businesses achieve remarkable results with their products and services. Along the way, we’ve found that quality photography is a common deficit. We figured professional portraits would be a great place to start. Whether it’s on a website or social media, a profile photo might be the only interaction others have with a team or individual. In that case, shouldn’t it be excellent?

Starting something new takes a lot of work. And the longer you’ve been in business, the easier it becomes to forget the initial hustle required to gain that first bit of traction. We always want to remember and celebrate the spirit of the entrepreneur and hope to meet a valuable need in the process.

How can great imagery help early-stage companies establish credibility?

Credibility is a great word. The images you display can define who you are to your audience almost instantaneously. We realize professional photography doesn’t always make it to the top of a startup’s priority list, but we can’t understate the impact it has on creating a fully immersive brand experience for customers.

Ultimately, we believe every startup is defined by the people who make it happen every day. And we want to champion those individuals who work tirelessly to make their dreams a reality. Our hope is that providing free professional portraits will equip people to be real and relatable while adding a level of legitimacy to their growing businesses.

Why have you decided to do this free?

From the beginning, our vision for the event was to provide quality photos at a price people could afford. Then we thought, “How cool would it be to give people professional portraits FOR FREE?” That would be an incredible way for us to serve startups and entrepreneurs, with no strings attached. After mapping out the logistics and teaming up with some amazing partners we decided to make it happen.

This event, and others like it, allows us to set the tone for how our company operates – people first. We love the idea of disproportionate value. Whether it’s serving our clients, hosting an event, or creating a product, we want to provide significantly more value than a standard business transaction.Startup-Picture-DayWhere do you see Startup Picture Day going?

With the help of our partners and sponsors, we want every entrepreneur and startup team to have quality photos of themselves, FOR FREE.

That means more events, in more locations, in many more cities. We have a few more picture days planned in Atlanta and have had requests to bring the event to a few other great cities like Chicago, NYC, Washington DC, and San Francisco.

Startup Picture Day is clearly aligned with what we’re trying to accomplish as a company, and we hope to see it grow to be a valuable resource to teams everywhere.

We hope to see you there!

What is Polar Notion?

As a development and design shop our team believes beautiful solutions can produce remarkable results. We love guiding entrepreneurs and businesses by providing services, tools, and expertise to bring their ideas to market.

Beyond just delivering a quality product, we are keenly focused on creating a pain-free digital experience. We champion clear and constant communication with each client in order to make their vision become reality. 

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