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A Lil Something on the Side: Side Project Society

by Kjersti Lukens

Have a night and weekend startup? A one-off hack? A small business you run on the side? Then check out Side Project Society. Hosted by Assembly & MailChimp, this is a great place to share what you’re working on and hear from others. Or just to hang out with great people.

RSVP to drink beer, hang out, and hear about some awesome people and their cool side projects.

The Calendar Notes:
When: Wednesday, December 17, 2014 7:00PM -10:00PM
Where: Monday Night Brewing 670 Trabert Ave NW


  • John Saddington (@saddington): Indie developer, creator of desk.pm, partner at The Iron Yard
  • Matthew Smith(@whale): VP Design at Assembly, creator of Really Good Emails
  • Colleen Jordan(@wearplants): Designer, photographer, creator of Wearable Planter

have a really cool side project or story? contact austin@assembly.com to be a future speaker

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