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When Shit Goes Wrong: Surviving the Death March

by Klaire Wesolowski

Designing and building digital experiences is complicated work. Clients change scope drastically with seemingly simple requests. That feature you thought was going to take three days ends up taking three weeks. Even removing features from a project can lead to extensive re-design and development hours.

You may follow project management methodologies to help control scope and mitigate risk, but the reality is that even the best run project can go off the rails and become the dreaded Death March.

The Atlanta Web Design Group gets it.

That’s why this talk with Brian Fletcher on When Shit Goes Wrong will explore the many reasons why projects can get off track. More importantly, Fletcher will give you strategies and tactics to help weather the storm and be a good team member without murdering your colleagues and ruining your personal relationships. This event, brought to you by the University of Georgia Terry College of Business, is one you won’t want to miss.

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April 30
6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Polygon Atlanta
264 19th Street NW
Suite 2250
Atlanta, GA

About Brian Fletcher:
Brian Fletcher is a Technology Director who leads large-scale technology engagements from planning to execution and delivery. At Huge, Brian has delivered solutions for clients such as Dell and Lowe’s Home Improvement. Brian has spent the last 15 years delivering innovative web solutions for clients. With a background in front end web development strongly focused on user experience, he thrives on solving complex problems with elegant solutions and pushing the boundaries of technology.

About The Atlanta Web Design Group:
The AWDG is for anyone who makes Websites. Markup, style, code, typography, SEO, e-commerce, Web apps, and social networking are all valid topics here. AWDG aims to provide a place for Web professionals to meet new people, exchange ideas, learn new things, and have a little fun, with several events each month: one for learning as well as happy hours all over the metro area for socializing.

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