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Say My Name Tools to Wow Your Next Boss

by Tricia Whitlock

Personal Site Builders About.me and Namecheap are teaming up to help students build an online presence and share their story. Both organizations will be present this weekend at the GT hackathon to offer a free premium account on about.me.

Tell me more:

About.me: helping you make a beautiful homepage to share your story, accomplishments and aspirations – it’s the perfect page to inspire recruiters to connect with you. Complete your story by adding your social media profiles, Backstory resume, portfolio, and blog.

Namecheap:  They are all about building your brand. Namecheap thinks it should be free and easy for students to build an online presence. Launching a personal site and showcasing your projects is so much more powerful than a paper resume / LinkedIn alone. Having an email on a personal domain also looks much more baller than rocking a gmail!

The Free Student Pack will include:

  • A free about.me page on our award winning service;
  • A visual resume or what we call “Backstory” that is the best way for recruiters to learn more about you;
  • 50 free business cards linking to your page and “Backstory” resume;
  • An eye-catching email signature that links to your page when recruiters click on the image; and
  • Early access to our new digital business card iPhone app – perfect for career fairs, networking events, and interviews.
  • You can learn more here

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