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Product Hunt Has Made Its Way to Atlanta — And It Wants YOU

by Hype Staff

If you’re a tech aficionado, creative, product person, or just like staying “in the know” about the next big thing, Product Hunt is the place to discover what’s new — before the rest of the world knows about it. To bring together its community IRL, this must-read site uses local community leaders to organize and host meetups for Product Hunt fans.

And now, Product Hunt has come to Atlanta!

Organized by Atlanta-based development agency Tyrannosaurus Tech, Product Hunt Live! will hit Atlanta for its first event this Tuesday, July 11 at Atlanta Tech Village. More than just a regular meetup, the Drinks + Demos night will showcase 3 startups to pitch to the audience. The audience will choose the winner to move on to a final round in December, after two more events in September and November.

Pitching this week?

5 minutes for the pitch, 5 minutes of Q&A. And of course, it wouldn’t be a meetup without drinks, snacks and networking galore!

RSVP to Drinks + Demos here. Can’t catch the action IRL? Tune in on Twitter to get updates on the pitches and of course, find out the winning team!

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