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Accelerator Companies, Learn to Sell Your Startup In This Workshop

by Angela King

Find Customers, Grow Revenue, and Build Your Sales Process

Growing the Atlanta Community Through Corporate-Startup Collaboration: To help support the building of Atlanta’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, the Coca-Cola BridgeCommunity is opening up one of its 2017 Startup Cohort workshops to 15 early-stage tech companies that are currently participants in or graduates of accelerators all over Atlanta.  On June 9th, attendees can learn about up-selling your startup in this workshop covering Pilot Program principles, models & case studies. Then, get to work building out a Pilot Program for your company and your active sales opportunities.

You must be a current accelerator participant or recent accelerator graduate to take part in this event. Sign up under your company’s name and then list up to three employees as attendees (MAX 3 employees per startup can attend). Once you sign up you will receive a pre-work prep link to a short Q&A to identify specific sales challenges around pilots and customer development.

After successfully completing this workshop, attendees will be able to:
  • Apply the key principles behind building, implementation and managing effective Pilot Programs.
  • Establish metrics and measurements with their customers to prove success and up-sell customers to large implementations.
  • Build implementation plans to monitor and document customer success.
  • Improve their close rates with active sales opportunities.

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The Facilitator: Scott Sambucci

Scott has spent the last 20 years building and selling technology products, leading three Silicon Valley startups each to their first millions in revenue. His most recent startup – Blend Labs – was backed by Andressen-Horowitz and Peter Thiel. He has sold to the largest banks and financial companies, including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo.

Now with SalesQualia, Scott works with startups all over the world, helping them find customers, grow revenue, and build their sales process.  His clients include enterprise SaaS, consulting, analytics and software development companies.
Scott is also a marketing professor at Hult International Business School, teaching New Product Development, Pricing Strategy, and Sales Management. He’s been a featured speaker at a TEDx event in San Francisco, The Lean Startup Conference, and at the US Chamber of Commerce, to name a few.
About BridgeCommunity: BridgeCommunity is a unique commercialization program that connects early-stage tech startups with global corporations.  BC hand picks Members to be part of an exclusive global platform that not only has first advantage to strong technology startups, but also the opportunity to build business partnerships.


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