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ngATL Brings A Diversity Commitment To This Angular Development Conference

by Angela King

This Angular conference has committed to diversity, inclusion — and 70 percent women speakers!

Do you want to get a jumpstart on developing with Angular so you can build robust Web applications? Or do you want to work with data binding, build components and services or learn more about Colmena for building full-stack applications in JavaScript?  Whatever your interest may be, you will learn best practices, pitfalls, performance considerations and much more at the first angular-focused conference in Atlanta, ngATL, held January 30- February 2.

ngATL’s two days will be filled with workshops covering angular, augmented reality, community, development, mentorship, mobile, progressive web applications and more. The conference will also include sessions and feature speakers from Google, Microsoft, Warner Bros, CareerBuilder, Netflix, Turner and more. Check out some of the pre-conference workshops below!

GraphQL is on its way in and has proven itself a worthy solution to a component based app future. This workshop will guide students through getting started with GraphQL and Angular. Topics include libraries to use, typescript + graphql, testing, and more.

An introduction to the Ionic framework, built atop Angular and Apache Cordova. This framework gives developers an incredibly powerful set of mobile components to create app store-ready or progressive web apps.

Whether you and your team need to build a shared codebase from your web apps to your native mobile apps or just desire to share code between native iOS and Android apps, this workshop will provide an in-depth look at NativeScript for Angular development.

Authentication and authorization for Angular apps can be a real pain. Thankfully Auth0 makes it really easy. In this workshop, you will learn how to get an end-to-end authentication and authorization solution working in your Angular app with Auth0.

So you’ve built an Angular app before? When launching your app, there are many major considerations you have to think of with Angular. This will show us the way to fast, performant Angular apps.

If you are developer looking to broaden your knowledge on RxJS, this is the workshop for you. With a 3-part course, consisting of videos, in-person interaction, and post workshop support, rxworkshop offers the best resources to learn about RxJS 5 and observables in-depth.

With easy, fun labs, you will learn why redux and ngrx is considered an essential library for modern Angular applications. Find out how redux works and why immutable data flows are crucial to predictable UX.

This training will discuss template-driven and reactive forms by creating an application that uses various form control types. Learn how to use built-in validators, create our own custom validators and even custom form controls!

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