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FinTech | Learn How Mobility is the Key to Customer Loyalty

by Angela King

Financial technology (FinTech) is evolving how money changes hands. From establishing efficient, secure payment channels to the creation of digital currency, FinTech is empowering and protecting consumer and business financial transactions. Over the past five years more than $40 billion of venture capital and growth equity has been deployed to FinTech companies.

Join our friends over at The MIT Enterprise Forum on March 22nd to learn how consumers interact with FinTech today and how that relationship will rapidly change over the coming years.

Discussion will include:

  • Education of consumers to make smarter financial decisions
  • Driving customer incentives, engagement and loyalty
  • Enabling payments from anywhere and from any device

Panelists include:

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About The MIT Enterprise Forum

The MIT Enterprise Forum’s mission is to inform, connect, and coach technology entrepreneurs—enabling them to rapidly transform ideas into world-changing companies. We are a global network of local organizations, inspired by MIT, and open to the world.

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