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Take A Dive Into the Blockchain With the MIT Enterprise Forum

by Angela King

Meet the early stage companies forging new pathways with Blockchain technology!

Blockchain has gone from an obscure topic to making headlines on a daily basis. While there is no shortage of primers and surface-level discussions about its potential to transform countless industries, there is much less discussion occurring around how the technology is actually being used today. What can we expect to see in the next year, two years, five years? What industries will be impacted first? What are the obstacles that must be overcome before greater adoption occurs? How do you distinguish hype from reality?

Join fellow blockchain enthusiasts, along with interested newbies, March 27 for a conversation with experts who are actively engaged in blockchain projects.

Topics include:

  • Use cases at the enterprise level
  • Challenges at the startup level
  • Token Sales and SAFTs 

Learn what your business can do to stay in front of this fast-moving technology. Register here!

The Panelists:

Joe Dewey, Holland and Knight, Head of Blockchain Practice



Patrick Gerbes, Lead Data Scientist, Storj




Nathan Eppinger, CTO & Co-Founder, Verady




Matthew May, Founder, Acuity, “Crypto-CFO”, (moderator)


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