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Emerging Cybersecurity Trends to Watch for in 2017

by Angela King

Atlanta’s Leading Cybersecurity Founders and CEOs Answer The Tough Questions

As businesses, governments, and consumers have embraced the digital age full-force, the whole ecosystem is more vulnerable to crime and business disruption perpetrated in the cyber domain. Ongoing waves of aggressive, sophisticated attacks have raised cybersecurity from an IT issue to a challenge everyone must meet head-on.

For over 30 years, Atlanta has produced some of the world’s top security companies. On the eve of the world’s largest cyber security conference – RSA 2017 (Feb 13-17 in San Francisco), The MIT Enterprise Form is convening Atlanta’s top security innovators to discuss the outlook and challenges for 2017 and how their companies are helping to protect our world.

This is a discussion that EVERY entrepreneur, executive, and digital native needs to hear!  Mark your calendars for February 9th and register here.


  • Mike Cote, President and CEO, SecureWorks
  • David Thomas, CEO, Evident ID
  • Sanket Patel, CEO of Securolytics
  • Glenn McGonnigle, General Partner, TechOperators (cybersecurity investor and event moderator)

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