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Startups and Corporations + “Future of Work”

by Devin Hardy

Wanna rub elbows with corporate leaders, business owners, and civic leaders? Join them this Thursday, May 23, from 6-7:30pm here at Hypepotamus for the Midtown Alliance’s “Midtown Dialogue: The Future of Work” event.

This special event will explore dynamics of a changing workplace and the ways corporations are integrating mechanisms for collaboration, entrepreneurship and creative problem solving. Join us afterwards to share your own experiences in a discussion with Midtown thought leaders and corporate stewards.

Participants will explore two distinct themes: the first being what entrepreneurs need from real estate developers to create a modern kind of workspace and the second how corporations create mental and physical spaces for innovation internally. Scott Henderson, executive director at Hypepotamus, will serve as the moderator for the evening.

You’ll hear from four different perpsectives:

Only 75 RSVPs for this event remain, reserve your spot here.

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