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Scale Your Business on a Shoestring Budget

by Angela King

Learn how to Automate, Delegate and Scale Your Business on a Shoestring Budget, October 28th at Roam Buckhead.

We live in a different world and there are smarter, faster ways to generate more leads and close more sales! If businesses don’t get on board and adopt modern-day techniques they will get left behind while competitors soar ahead!

Brad Stevens is a lifetime entrepreneur having helped build multiple million dollar+ businesses in numerous domestic and international markets including B2B, B2C, physical products, software, and professional services. During this high energy, interactive workshop he shares his direct experience in using the innovative outsourcing and growth hacking strategies the last 15 years to grow his own companies and helps you develop a plan to realize the same high impact benefits in your role or company.

After completing this masterclass, you will leave with an organized and packed list of strategies that will have an immediate impact on your business!

Register here. Breakfast and Lunch Included

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