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Link Up with a New Lead with Network Under 40’s Virtual Lunch Series

by Angela King

Dine with Network Under 40 While Making New Connections

In lieu of the current health threat that COVID-19 presents, Network Under 40 (NU40) has decided to hold its events online instead of in person. NU40 wants to take preventative measures to ensure business professionals stay safe and healthy as they continue to build relationships within the city.

So … What’s the New Game Plan?

Glad you asked!  In an effort to help you maximize your lunchtime, NU40 is hosting its first virtual event for young business pros.  The goal is to connect you with other go-getters, support you while making a new lead for your business, and help you build new relationships — all at once!

Sounds Pretty Cool, But How Will it Work?

  • Each attendee will have 1 minute to present a snapshot of their business and their idea of an ideal lead or referral.

  • With NU40’s time-tested system, everyone will have a new lead or referral by the end of the event.

  • Sign in ready to ask for what you need and prepared to listen and help others! NU40 will handle the rest!

You’ll leave wondering why growing your business was never so easy — or fun — before!

The Schedule:

  • 12:00pm – Sign in with your smartphone or computer

  • 12pm to 1:30pm – Lunch commences (feel free to eat lunch during the session from the comfort of your own home).

Enjoy a great meal (or your leftovers from last night) while building productive connections with an intimate group of professionals on April 9. Register here!

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