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Do You Know the Scorecard Funding Method or Risk Factor Summation Model?

by Hype Staff

The field of angel investing has exploded, just as the public stock markets and nascent world of dot-com companies have had their first shakeouts. More angel investors than ever are plying their money and time, partnering with hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs. Dozens of magazine articles have covered this national phenomenon. Clubs, networks, and forums are springing up in smaller and smaller communities. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the nation, as well as internationally.

Small is beautiful. Democracy in application of private equity is profitable. Wealthy creation via small-business growth is alive and well, as ever, in the North American continent. What is different from earlier decades is that the level of sophistication and hands on activity of the holders of capital is growing. We believe that this bodes well for economic development, job creation, and wealth generation in our nation because hands on monitoring of one’s wealth is better in the long run than passive, blind delegation of money management to “professionals” in such risky endeavors as venture capital. – John May

How do these points written 14 years ago by private equity capital guru John May, resonate today?
· Angel funding groups continue to flourish and fulfill his prophesy of hands on support of entrepreneurial adventures
· Workshops like the Valuation one originally created by the Kauffman Foundation ensure smarter and more sustainable new businesses through early growth capital from angels
· ATA’s role in collaborating with other southeastern angel groups strengthens the growth trajectory of regional innovative companies better than ever before.

On April 23rd John is partnering with the Atlanta Technology Angels to teach a half-day class on valuation at The Georgian Club. Expect to learn the Venture Capital Method (VCM), Scorecard Method, and Risk Factor Summation Model. Check it out

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