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We’re Halfway There: Iron Yard Halfway Celebration

by Klaire Wesolowski

The Iron Yard developers have been working hard and now is your chance to see what they’ve got cooking up. Join in the Iron Yard’s halfway celebration social to congratulate these students with a happy hour sip & snack social (while you scope them out as potential employees or cofounders). This is a great chance to get to know the cohort and to hear what The Iron Yard is all about from the perspective of current students and team. Don’t miss out!

Check out the details & register today:

June 12th

115 MLK Jr Dr SW, Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30303

Why the Iron Yard:
The Iron Yard exists to create exceptional value for people and their ideas through code education, startup accelerators and co-working spaces. The world has huge problems that need to be solved, many of which technology is perfectly suited to address. Companies around the globe are answering this call, but anyone with boots on the ground can feel the acute shortage of talent needed to rise to the occasion. That gap is widening right now, and over the next decade the shortfall will affect industries, economies, businesses and individuals as they fight to add value in a digital world. The Iron Yard is a solution at that juncture of supply, demand, business and a broken education system. We are committed to training the highest-quality developers and startups in the world, both in skill and in character. Our mission is to find people who want to pursue the craft and life-long adventure of technology, teach them the tools of the trade, and then release them into the world with the drive and capability to make a difference.

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