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Intecoo Presents the Digital Future of Travel Brands

by Angela King

Produced in conjunction with AC Hotels by Marriott, the new upscale, design-forward hotel at Phipps Plaza, the creators of Intelligently Cool (or just Intecoo for the cool intellectuals), are gearing up for their next installment of the Intelligently Cool Panel Series.  The Panel Series, which includes some of Atlanta’s most renowned thought leaders, was created to address issues and opportunities in the ever-changing landscape of business and technology.

Join Intelligently cool , August 18th, for a discussion with brand managers, bloggers, and public relation experts on how social media, technology, and new business systems are being developed to innovate the travel industry. Integrated with an interactive brainstorming session with the audience, the panel will offer a fresh perspective on identifying intersections and opportunities within the industry.

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Kerry Abner PhotoKerry Abner
Founder of Intecoo

Marketing professional who understands that authentic engagement through digital, social and experiential campaigns are now a priority. Actively being involved in Metro-Atlanta community has enabled me to establish relationships with cultural influencers, local organizations, and boutique businesses seeking to organically engage brands supporting lifestyles that speak to Art, Music, Tech, and Entertainment.

While serving on the Millennials Advisory Board, I led a small consulting team providing professional services to non-profits, startups and social entrepreneurs. I’m a strong advocate for cross-cultural collaboration designed to inspire unique people, products and experiences.


David Melhado PhotoDavid Melhado
Co-Founder of Intecoo

I’m an Entrepreneur who leveraged my experience in the music industry to create opportunities with strategic private equity partners. I understand the importance of connecting the communities of art, technology and entertainment; with music being the catalyst to endless possibilities. Manager of 4x Grammy Nominated & 3x BMI Award winning Songwriter Verse Simmonds. Guest panelist on Huffington Post Live, as well as, the International Music Conference. Former Marketing Manager for the first publicly traded Hip Hop company on Wall Street, H3 Inc, Hip Hop Soda Shop. Partnered with Music Startup AudioCommon, to help build awareness of Engage App, which is changing the way fans listen and consume music.

Details for panel coming soon.


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